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Aug 2018
"When a person is born it's a blessed time,
Albeit a person is in love it's a splendid era,
When that person perishes it is a bereaved era,
Albeit Love of two people expires it's a cataclysm,

Vestige as we used to sit there on the littoral,
As the dusk of the winds would blow the sand,
The sand pursues into your long black hair,
Visage your dark green eyes and a beauty of a smile,

All times I have enjoyed greatly also suffered greatly,
Times you loved me and alone on the shore,
It is an perpetual power that as my utopia,
Is me ichorous of our love moments together,

Afore us lies the port and a skimming ocean liner,  
As we slowly see an alluvion gloom in the darkness,
Legions of souls drudged here in day and night,
Above gusting drifts the rainy constellation of stars,

As we gambol in our fervor of cognizance of love in our
Utopia Ichorous"
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/03/2018  © Posted HP/
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/03/2018  ©  
Andrew Guzaldo c
Written by
Andrew Guzaldo c  54/M/Las Vegas
(54/M/Las Vegas)   
     Edmund black, Cné, Lily and laura
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