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We are to burn in hell
My love,
It has been our time,
far to long
for ones like us.

We tried my dear,
I've prayed to the gods of the dark,
My mother bode us well,
But we had been left alone
Once again.

The ocean can drown us whole,
And sting our hearts dry.
But I will never part from you my dear.

I've planned our goodbyes and adieus
From this life.

And I swear by the salt in the sea,
And the blood coursing through my body,
I will love you,
Wholly and fully

We watch our beings, now,
Bring it between you palms
Watch it crumble down into nothingness
And feel the air ****** out of you.

So, lets light ourselves on fire, shall we?

I know my time
Is well overdue,
But let me reach
The bespoken waves
Of the starless sea of dreams
Before time has gotten its way.

I wish my world could be remade
Or saved
By the dreamers,
But I have given too much,
And flown the past the dust ,
Once too many.
So now I say,
Let the wisps of dreaming lights fall down,
And have the ashes fly up to the stars.

I want to feel the universe exhale around me
Leaving the feelings of it all
But alas, no prevail.
And the ink dripped
Round and round
Wrapping tightly
Around my mind.
I fought,
Beating and hitting,
Till my last breath.
I've done this for too long,
Too much and too long.
I didn't want anymore,
So I let it take over.
Fitting me into a spot
I was gone,
Only a shell left to see.

I've bled
Till my veins run dry
My bones
Are shattered and broken

The ink
From my pen drags,
Then pools and
Blots the page
As I let it

All my energy
Siphoned from memories,
Has now diminished
I take my last breath
As  I allow
My small boat
To be pitched across
By the winds and waves

Remember the days of soft melodies
Of the dreams we once had
The adventures we've been on
Those sweet memories

Of the scent of books
Your vast walls of quests
The ink of time etched onto my mind

How one can slip into the
Never ending nooks
Of the universe
And cosmos

There's a place for you and i
In the stars
Where we can imagine a
Whole universe
For our own

We are the progeny of stars
Children of the mind
Of the universe

Where we can run
To all corners of the world
And live

We can find
So many of our memories
Put together by an orchestration
Of the universe

Do you remember those times?
Where we could dream away of time?
Those wonders of the skies

We live to exist
In this beautiful world
To be happy in these moments

When i remember
I feel as if
I'm in a place
Farther than the moment

Dwell on the beauty of life
And remember, you can live
For the moments where
You are the stars and the moon
And all of the world

Do you remember?
Those nights of dreaming away our time
Of the adventures
And never ending happiness

It meant the world

So please

Remember to not forget
The reason to exist

Remember to not forget
The memories of time

Remember to not forget
Why we are here
So we can live

So remember to not forget
I love you

heyo people
This poem was inspired by "remember not to forget"  by Audiomachine
Link to the video:
It's really good.
I didnt really think while i was writing this, so it might just be a bunch of randomness, but i like this randomness. I hope you like it.
Have a day :)
I just have to
Flip a new page
I just have to
Walk through
I just have to
Teach myself how
To breathe again

For when you're feeling broken
I dreamt a little dream
Of Aurora skies
And healing suns
All in world
A tree
With all of time
Sunk in its leaves
Memories in its roots
Stories carved into its skin
Then as I walked
And as I touched,
Time spun
And spun around
And there was no way
To go back down
In this forest
Hollow of time
These shallow seams
Cracking into dust
Surrounding me
Am I forever here
In this dark haze
Of never ending memories?
How do you
Find the lock and key
To shut away
These little dreams?
Please, I beg you,
Don't dream little dreams,
It will turn you
In the dark.

Heyo, this one's kind of weird, but it's still a poem.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have a day
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