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I want a place
Where it's all gone
Nothing but us
Where I can go
To figure it all out
Because sometimes
It's too much
And you can't keep it in
You want to go
So you run
Till you can't go
And breathe
And breathe
Till you can
Breathe again
I know a place
Where I can go
To find my thoughts
I can get things together
I know a place
Where you can come
You can get your
Words in place
Or let them all go
I just want you there
With me
And we can breathe
Would you come with me?

Just something

Inspired by Conan Grey's song "I know a place" link to the video

Have a day
I see the Sparks
Flying around in the air,
As you spun the
Rope of your memory,
Watching as you created a
Universe out of your bare thoughts,
Flowing into the
Beautiful creations of life.
They ran through the sky,
Anywhere and everywhere,
Into the deepest
Pit of mind.
They grew into
Unimaginable cosmos,
Covering all,
Things I
Never knew were possible.
How extraordinary
It is to exist,
To experience this.
You created this,
And seen by my mind,
For only my eyes,
This beautiful constellation
Of the universe,
Spiraled from the
Single spark of light.
Carry it on
Till the end of time.

Hullo humans of the universe

This is a poem inspired by sleeping at last's song "Saturn" link to the video:

I really love their songs. Anyways, I was just thinking of how so many things could come to be out of a single thought, and this is what I came up with. Have a day *.✧✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧*.✧
One day
I want to find
That is your
One day
I will
Be able
To tell you
I love you

One day
Cracking this
Glass of time
Makes me feel
Like I'm dreaming
Shattered shards
Splaying in the air
Like old memories
Flashing through
My mind
They pierce my skin
Like a remanent
Of the horrid past
Burying themselves
Into the ground
As I once have
Placed them
Beyond my reach
Bleeding through
My skin because
Those memories
Never fade

Heyo there, how are ya doing?
I wonder
If I can
Say those
5 letters to
I look
And you continue to
Look about
I wonder
I have the
Of speaking
To someone
I so dearly
Wish to know
You have so
Many things that
Make me think
Are you from?
Why do I
Look at at you?
I wonder too
I just can't speak
It pulls me down
Even as I try
To swim back up.
I look and
Just think
If only
I could
I think
I can
So I say it
And that's
How the story goes

When you try it just might work. You never know, my friend.
But if I drifted away
Would you pull me back?
Take me in your arms?
Do you know?
I wonder

What would happen if .….?
My brain has actually been thinking and working lately. Anyways, this is the random blob of the minute
You guys
Light up my world
Filling me up with joy
But in the worst times
Make me realize
There is a reason
To get up
Get better

This just popped into my head.
I love my friends and are very grateful to have them in my life.
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