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Jul 2018
once your name appears
on the global internet
intelligence organizations
can nosy around your set

they don't give a hang
about your private affairs
ever their eyes peer into
your unguarded lairs

George Orwell did state
in his well renowned novel 1984
that there would be a lot
of peeking through your keyhole's pore

you've no effective way
of averting their curious mots
they are always checking out
your inner plots

as I write this piece
I feel somewhat exposed
as my identity may well
be fully disclosed

the data base has
everyone's story on file
no one can escape
the dossier's profile

so friends
using social sites
be extra cautious with your news
a satellite is presently
collating your
personal reviews

a twenty four seven watch
happens around the clock
and you've been placed
in the agency's looking stock
Elizabeth Squires
Written by
Elizabeth Squires
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