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Love was not kind when we parted,

The heart searches for a soul now absent.

The summer of our love did unfairly lead

To this glass prison and distill into this
Frozen winter…
hideous frozen bareness.

How unfair of time to cover your beauty from me.

But you still live in the heart's substance and

The flowers of summer still bloom
For you.
Blank stares of fallen
And disgraced heroes
Standing in bread lines for scraps
Of a life they once knew.

Cardboard condos dot
A landscape of litter that show the
Rips and tears of our social order.

Souls running into burning buildings
To salvage shards of broken dreams;
Their fingers of sanity burned, blackened
By hate.

Our children ****** filthy fingers through
Cold steel cages and plea for mothers and fathers.
Silenced by the horror of squeaking hinges
And foot steps of *** trafficking ****.

Monsters drugged by money
Holding their piety high justified by
Bibles of their own deciphering as they
***** their lies that
Disgust the heart and soul of truth; humanity.
Nothing can compare to the beauty of a rose in a summer breath,
an ornamented fragrance that lasts; but the sweetest orders comes from its death, distilled into a  tinctured perfume.
Your beauty in youth, when it does fade.
My verse is the tincture perfume
distilled when your youth fades.
To speak of love and  all the beauty you gave me
not to give back, but only to cherish.  
My mind is the case where your beauty is held
and my eye is the craftsman.
You are a memory that is forever young.

Should my words be less true or are they visions
only in love’s crafted blinded eye.
You would be right to judge.

In my heart, you are a memory that is forever young
or are you a tomb, a mystery, or simply a lie?…
Lovely woman, grow old gracefully.
Don’t live your life to please men’s eyes.
The artist of time transfers beauty
to your inward self not to some stranger’s eye.
The paint you wear only counterfeits you.
Enjoy this as your finest hour.
Live as you must with grace and power.
Love lets me marvel at you in love’s eyes
Your sorrow is expressed by the tears upon your face.
Words written in silken letters of brine.
By reading this message of sorrow and pain they contain; Please
Let us wipe these letters from your face with forgiveness.
We are our own enemy when we make famine
where there is nothing but abundance.  
To eat with glutenious greed and let a world starve and die.  
To this pointless abuse there is a tragic end.
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