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My eyes shout love through silent thoughts,
Master mistress of my passion,
Let me stir the thoughts of your beauty
with my heart’s pen in fine line of loving thoughts.

Perhaps it is true, only in loves eyes
will these words say more to your heart
than I can express.
My love is silent and true; Dictated eloquently
from heart and soul for you to hear with your eyes, to feel
loves spirit move with mine. i am a soul so tortured
relieved only by your presents.
Time is a great teacher.
It's too bad it kills all its students.
Love expressed through the heart’s pen
empties my soul on yellowed paper,
not just lines of ink, but living as blood
through my veins that validates this feeling
of madding unrest as it
expresses love’s feeling for you.
By my passionate heart; You devour all of me.
The force of an ocean wave you can hear, 

but not the cries of a single tear?

The heart’s own expression... the tear.

A wet mark, a streak, a stain, the only witness here.

A drop of water running from pain,  

But does the pain of a heart’s many tears link together

to drive the oceans waves we hear?  

If so, then voice my pain, single tear... 

force the waves against the shore 
in not a tender way give voice 
the heart’s small, single tear.
My written words are a sin to your glory
and the silent beauty in your fair smile.
By theses words, i owe a poet’s debt
not to make false what is beyond my words
to write by coping poorly what nature’s hand has made.

But write only what love can express
in these poor words...      
Words that are silent before your beauty.

For my words come up short of devising your
praise. Your beauty is beyond my words, maybe to be
read only in the silence that lives in my soul.
You are the beauty that feeds my very soul.
My finest rarest jewel and love makes you shine
even in brightest day.
The eternal  invention of life
to expresses tears from loving eyes and
gives light to the pain which is mine.
There is no greater subject that
my muse can pour into verse.
For who is so dumb that they
can not write of love.
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