who made
gravity waves detected
spun by yellow stars and black holes
in earth's circuits lie
faintly measured by our mortal eye
to a locked door's keyhole
viewed indirectly through a looking glass?
compare the mystery of time clocked
ergodic does not fly fast entropic
homo sapiens' ignorant confession
holds contempt for revelation
i mused
2016 © Christos Victor
“Spoken to the world (like wearing lingerie examined under the sun) is a predicament to you who fear exposure.” I urge healing coarse cry’s which wilt and dry rivers of Norwegian stout that flow with grass-fed beef, cauliflower, and smashed potatoes as soulful music plays on. That yellow flower shirt encased like a tumor in pounded metallic armor and boots bought in colored desert garden’s journeys. Love's arrows pierce farther into gaps. Gems form from problems tackled headlong.
2016 © Christos Victor
Write thick
like footprints in the snow
Write pine
like needles for a bed
Write apple
like cider by burning wood fire
Write boys
outdoors mending at camp
Write road
the journey to significance
Summer goddess are you legal
to ride a horse with hawk's
shrill sounds at midnight's hour
in moon's light by a lake?
Shouldn't you repose on a feather bed
fast dreaming in your house
of a castle and a Prince?
2016 © Christos Victor
green verdant prairies have no strength
one million animals cast about; graze and stamp
the sudden power of thundering heard
when grasses bend to appease
then unknown, spring back their secret kept
2016 © Christos Victor
child's hands glow
making a satin bow

wired plaid ribbon
two spools are given
laid on another; told
loop and fold, be bold!

chenille ties twist
you have the gist
pull apart and fill
cut the tails with skill

you’re done now
smile take a bow
2018 © Christos Victor
this darkness falls around me
crushing children's calls and laughter
cold hands touch windswept slabs
of granite sepulchers buried
six feet below life's plane

Easter's morn lights ebony's night
murmurs build until the throng
filled with the Paraclete drink
word of the Son passes over death
risen shouts hosanna to the Father
2018 © Christos Victor, All rights reserved
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