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Jul 2018
Pointlessly lying on the ground
as if it would help ease the pain
Pointlessly exercising in my room
thinking maybe i haven't moved enough today
Pointlessly trying to get more sleep
pointlessly doing pointless things
hoping to get rid of the pain
The pain that i know will **** me one day
The pain no-one knows where and why
so they pretend as if it was normal
And yet again i fall to be helpless
when comes the day
where i
cry on my knees begging
something or someone to stop the misery
Crying holding onto my legs
hiding my head and also
trying not to rip it off
because i would
just to stop the agony
that is "normal"
When the pain comes
I look like a lunatic
It's not my fault
It's the society
Written by
Mahati  18
     Fawn, Wordmancer, stargazer and Reza Bavar
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