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Jul 2018
DAY by day,
Week by week

Taking all your  abuse,
Yet turning the other cheek

Continuously Dragging me down,
Lowering my self esteem.

Having No way  out,
Is how you make it seem.

I’m never good enough,
You'll never find someone better.

Building up my courage,
To finally write this letter.

Realizing who I am,
And what I’m really worth.

Meant to be respected,
As I walk upon the earth.

I’m finally standing up,
Finally standing my ground.

I deserve so much better,
Tell me how that sounds.

I finally had enough,
You keep me all depressed.

These feelings hidden inside,
It’s time to lay to rest.

I am a beautiful person,
And I’m worthy of so much more.

So make sure you kiss my ***,
As I’m walking out the door.

I know this won’t be easy,
But it’s what I have to do.

It’s time I love myself,
Instead off loving you.


Written By
Richard B Shick
Inspired by a friend
Be strong Melanie
Richard B Shick
Written by
Richard B Shick  46/M/Daytona Beach
(46/M/Daytona Beach)   
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