Sep 13 Anonymous
Olivia A Keaton
As I sat in the cold hospital gown today, I couldn't.
As I sit, now, in a comfortable curl, I still cannot.

It'll come, in time, as most things do.
  Sep 13 Anonymous
Olivia A Keaton
Tik Tok of the fainting clock,
still time it tells.

Drip Drop of the faucet,
not of a wishing well.

Chiming Chiming of the wind,
setting many spells.

Love can not be won,
it can not prevail.

But as I'm faint, wishing, weeping....
only Time will tell.
Anonymous Sep 9
What a shame that you thought the others and I were just the same.
Its your loss, baby.
Anonymous Sep 9
If I were a flower,
i'd be a daisy.
Because i also tear myself apart
wondering if you love me, or if you love me not.
Anonymous Aug 19
Your new girl.
I bet shes beautiful.
I bet i could never even compare to her tan skin and blonde hair;
On the nights when your parents are arguing is she gonna be there?
To hold you whilst you cry
And play with your hair?
Did she pray to have you
Or were you just another person to come through?
I needed you.
She wanted you.
Can you tell the difference?
I know I'll never be her but she'll never be me either.

Anonymous Jul 15
"You deserved so much better  than him anyway"
I know i deserved better than being ignored,
Left on read,
And treated as i never existed.
I don't want any better.
I want him.
I want his cute smile
His cheesy jokes
His gorgeous hazel eyes.
I may deserve better;
But I love him.
Anonymous Jul 12
10:50 p.m.
Its 10:50 p.m.
And while id rather be laying down dreaming,
Im currently awake sitting in the corner of my room yet again.
With my knees tucked to my chest
and i can feel the teardrops fill my eyes and roll down my face.

10:53 p.m.
It's now 10:53 p.m. and what was just a few tears escaping my eyes is now waterfalls of tears falling down my face
as i struggle to keep in the screams of pain that  have built up over time.
I wonder if i should just leave this place.
Im sure that no one would mind.

11:11 p.m.  
It is now 11:11 p.m.
Wishing time.
While everyone is wishing for a certain someone,
I'm wishing that you never came into my life.
Im wishing that i could get you and your manipulative self out of my head because if you dont i may just wind up dead.

11:16 p.m.
Its now 11:16 p.m.
And what once was just a short time lapse has turned into a relapse.
A relapse bringing me back to my dark days.
The days where i never felt enough or accepted.
The days where i felt like everyone but me what perfected.
But with you i grew from those days.
But look what you have now caused.
And it all started at 10:50 p.m.
im hurting a lot and idk how to help myself.
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