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Jul 11
my armies are dead
foul ghouls
black bloodshed
my land? it’s ill
all dark, no harvest, so many mouths to fill

the sickness has spread
especially inside my head

and all i can do
to sit on my throne
a tint of royal blue

my servants are frozen in time, you see
they’re my ghosts
my lovely, little parody

it’s cold within these walls, you see
you better keep warm
they might eat you alive, these walls
consider yourself warned

and if you wonder
after all this time
why i’m still here
claiming what’s mine

i dreamed this to be, you see
this kingdom is my fantasy
my youngest wish and sweetest sigh
it’s not so easy
letting go
waving goodbye

and as my castle starts collapsing
and the rubble begins to fall
i start to ponder
start to wonder
what if this all
wasn’t just a dream, the exception to the rule
dreamed up by me
a lousy, unworthy fool
who just wanted to be queen
of the kingdom inside my head
just this one time
more alive
than dead
Written by
vyvyenne  22/F/germany
     Maxim Keyfman, Kira, Billy, aashi, stranger and 3 others
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