vyvyenne Dec 4
envisioning blind
with a tongue twisted mind
my dress keeps on twirling
amidst a world that stopped turning
vyvyenne Dec 1
straying off the track
slipping through the *****

nervously catching
a glimpse of eternity

blinking back
vyvyenne Nov 28
the worst is not
the deepest down

the worst is not
to sink and drown

the worst thing is
the in between
not here not there

the worst it is
to know
- or not?

how terrible it feels
to never be sure
vyvyenne Nov 27
i'm stretched out thin
covering a thousand places
with the sun shimmering through my skin

with flushing
and burned out cheeks
hollow underneath my eyes
dried up tears like river creeks

trying to be the best
trying to stay afloat

weary bones,
i never rest

saltwater flooding inside my chest

this is not what i had hoped
vyvyenne Nov 24
red blinks of light
streets hushing by
at the corner of my eye
somewhat out of sight

bodies intertwined
sounds and lustful groans
no matter how much I seek
i never find

walking out at night  
withering inside my mind
wearing your clever
skillful disguise

i **** for you
your nails and your deep end eyes
clinging onto my neck and
making me blue

i want you, too
don’t laugh like that
why won’t you trust me
i told you,
i do
vyvyenne Nov 5
just leave me here
my limbs are made of steel
i’m too heavy to lift
a bothersome ordeal
vyvyenne Oct 5
she‘s made up of strings
what a peculiar, bittersweet thing

hold up now - careful
don’t make her vow

you yourself are too full
if you untie her now
she might always bow
wouldn’t that be dull?
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