streaming fairies
the holy barrage

in the belly of aries
a holy adage
the juiciest voyage

hiding in sylphs
and running bells
all of our lovely syllables
Iong letters short
you dragged the curtains down
no droplets on cheeks anymore

it's not like you're gone
you're just next door
so why do I feel
like you're further than jupiter
vyvyenne Jul 13
there's this fluff
on my forehead
where my hair starts
- yeah, right there

i like to look tough
not only a tad
so it's pretty hard
to be like that anywhere

when my hair is curly
and rude
and I just wish
i could go somewhere

without looking
like a goof
this isn't funny
i'm serious
that feel when you realize you can actually write poetry about the absolute weirdest most hilarious things
vyvyenne Jul 13
skin like ash
voice like cinder


make me shiver
make me crash

vyvyenne Jul 13
they were like two black holes
so erratic and impure and rich
their union would’ve meant the end of all time
vyvyenne Jul 12
met you
don’t mind me
i liked you
tried hiding

held you
like lightning
my skin
to your liking

kissed you
like diving
no feelings
but sightings

left you
like blinding
for feelings
so striking

found you
in a chest
filled with lining

and still
i’m here
Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many times people tell you it’s not your fault. These feelings still linger.
vyvyenne Jul 12
you might feel small
hiding behind every corner and every wall
but if there’s one thing i’m sure of, let it be this
that you
are as bright
and endless
as the light of all stars
from all the way over here
to the corners of planet mars
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