see that plane up high
blurred by cigarette smoke
gracefully passing by

how i wish for all my lies
to rise up like that
caught and lost in these auburn skies

how i wish for all my faults
to be blown away so gently
like autumn leaves
only the wind would carry

just so one day
i could float too
unclipping my wings
reborn anew
i sense you in the symphony
running inside my bones
when our eyes meet

and i taste you in
that ice cold air
slumber winter mornings
how i wish we were
vyvyenne Aug 29
i have long stopped crying
about the monsters underneath my bed
now i’m reaching out
to their levitating faces instead

last year it all began
when cold deserted the land
creatures crept in through the walls
patrolling the halls unmanned

they don’t have arms
or legs or feet
tall enough to reach the ceiling
smell of rust and festered meat

pluck my hair out one by one
sleep starved me trying to rest in peace
screeching whistles full of fun
plan to tear me piece to piece

satan sent them from hell
to bring me back from sleep
little did he know
they’re now mine to keep
vyvyenne Aug 28
green demon
your sin
sometimes it sneaks out while wearing my skin

you love me, so you wouldn’t
or would you
i trust you, so i shouldn’t
or could you

fermenting built up frustrations
is it me or is it her you’ll screw

overbearing calculations
mass murdering the trust we grew
vyvyenne Aug 28
held hostage
a festering wound in the center of my head
he lied to me so
why wouldn’t you too
vyvyenne Aug 27
that smile of yours
rushing over me
like a spring breeze
fruity flower crowns and
vyvyenne Aug 21
aren't we all simply collections
of our inflictions
and weakest actions

misguided directions
assuming perfection
trying what we can to
keep up pretention

i wish we remembered
to live with momentum

moving mountains
entering eden
with welcome
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