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vyvyenne Sep 2019
caught in space
with my heartbeat tumbling
infatuated with a lilac haze
luscious clouds roaring, rumbling

choking on extra sweet sugar rain
falling in love is always the same
i‘ll never be able to stray from my ways
even when my world starts crumbling
vyvyenne Jun 2019
was there ever a cure
for this spell you put on me

air on my skin feeling wholly impure
and around my iris, floating only debris
vyvyenne Jan 2019
if I could tear you apart
reveal the pathway right there above your heart
if I could split your body and soul
you know this, don‘t you
- you’d still remain whole

you’re more than a mere work of art
to see you have to stop looking so hard
to know you must relinquish control

only then, you shall remember  
from the very start  
it was never yours at all
vyvyenne Jan 2019
after all my good intentions
all these honorable deeds
countless tender indiscretions  
that’s just me, I aim to please

i still get left behind
that’s when I feel so deaf and so blind
that’s when the usual dread creeps back
and again  
as usual
i go down on my knees to beg
vyvyenne Dec 2018
envisioning blind
with a tongue twisted mind
my dress keeps on twirling
amidst a world that stopped turning
vyvyenne Dec 2018
straying off the track
slipping through the crack

nervously catching
a glimpse of eternity

blinking back
vyvyenne Nov 2018
the worst is not
the deepest down

the worst is not
to sink and drown

the worst thing is
the in between
not here not there

the worst it is
to know
- or not?

how terrible it feels
to never be sure
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