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Jul 2018
please stop making my hands shake
please stop sending my head into a miserable headache
please stop confusing me with smoke signals
please stop giving me mixed signals
please stop making my heart race at 100 miles per hour, it can't take the speed
don't tell me a fabricated truth and then retract back as if nothing ever happened
i was over you, i am over you, but you cannot come back and admit to still feeling something
i cried too many tears to have my heart thrown into the road and ran over like road **** and devoured by the vultures all over again
i can't believe i'm ever in contemplation of ever accepting an us again
please stop throwing rocks at my window and begging me to let you in, i'm not some helpless princess anymore
please, make up your and and stop tormenting mine
Written by
frankie  16/F/florida
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