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Jul 2018
It’s deeper than that.
It’s deeper than the ocean.
It’s this feeling I can’t bare
my heart thumping so quick.

Adrenaline rush when I heard the
Words that you were gone.
Altitude is so high I can’t even cry.
12 Empire State buildings tall and
I still really couldn’t reach my soul.
My emotions overpowering many things
Wishing you were here,
wishing there was a golden stairway to heaven.
I would climb milestones just to hear your voice. I wish I could come up home,
and sit down just to see your reflection.

You’re shining brightly
with flashes of light
looking like an Angel
I feel your presence
  things are unreal
  Time is not ours
Forever you will be in my heart.
May you beautiful souls Rest In Peace
Mena Mulugeta
Written by
Mena Mulugeta
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