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Jul 2018
We said it was a mistake. We agreed to end it. But, I'm sorry. I lied.
I have love you honestly . I could be someone that I'm not. It's not that I'm alienated by my true  self, it's just that there was a better version of me when I'm with you.
I have love you honestly . I could listen to your nerdy talks all the night and stare right just your face. I could laugh out of seriousness because you're pretty amazing.
I have love you honestly. When we walk, I would placed my self in your left side and you would be confused.  Because I kept saying it's my angle. But I jut want to stare you in right phase.
I have love you honestly. When someone interrupted our eat, our eyes just managed to laugh in secrecy.
I have love you honesty. When I told you I don't want to stop, you wipe away my tears even if I hate it.
I have love you honestly. To the point I'm fine being broken by the honesty of your words.
I have love you honestly. For I agreed to end the love that you thought it was a mistake but for me, it was a challenge that we should take upon.
Honestly, I don't want to admit my honesty. Cause what's the point if I hold onto you when you see our love as hopeless as ever could be. Cause honestly, I love you, enough to swallow my pride for our goodbye.
Samantha Babe
Written by
Samantha Babe  23/F/Philippines
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