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Jun 2018
Impulse buys and crap meat pies,
crispy snacks and cans
Fast food bags, discarded **** all chucked from sweaty hands

Into bushes, roadside drops or tossed from speeding cars
Consume and lob, “it’s not my prob”
junk stuffed from fist to gob
Foods that ****, eat our streets, Mother nature’s ******!
Disrespectful, scant regard, her beauty hid amidst
A correlation, may I address... littering to health
Or on a controversial note, worst areas lack in wealth
Discarded dreams, stretched at the seams
Life’s stitching’s come undone
 Scratch paper hopers, ciggy smokers
Our streets are overrun
Deadly habits, toxic foods, mainly line our streets
Left for volunteers to pick, a never-ending feat
Healthy trash? Avocado smash?
Imagine streets adorn
Kale and spinach everywhere
We wade through piles of corn
“There’s ****** carrots are everywhere, why don’t they use the bin”
“That courgette’s dropped right next to it, why not just put it in?”
Coastal towns with plastic seas, wildlife getting sick
All tangled, trapped in Ghost nets like a phantom sailors’ trick
Above the ground to the depths below the litter never ends
Poor old Mother Earth, being driven round the bend
So how do we control this?  Education is the answer?
Let’s all work to turn it round for Generation Alpha
The new emerging vibrant minds, absorbing like a sponge
The lessons passed on down to them, by loving Dads & Mums
A shift in thinking is afoot, I feel it in my bones
Let’s join as one community, it starts within our homes.
Scotty Reynolds
Written by
Scotty Reynolds  39/M/Sheffield UK
(39/M/Sheffield UK)   
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