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Jun 2018
dear nurses
dress me
in a hospital
gown, i want
to admit
myself to a
cold cleanliness
hygiene in the air
filling my lungs
i'm floating on the bed
it's so bright here
i'm gonna lay forever

dear nurses feed me
meals as bland as eyes
when i see
i get bored
just watching
them, so lively
i don't have anyone to
talk to

it's amazing how
each voice
becomes an identity
i wanna hear too
mine,but i don't
have anyone to
talk to

dear nurses
draw my blood
tell me what is
wrong with me
dear nurses change my
sorry i dirtied
the bed sheets
dear nurses i
dear nurses why
dear nurses take me
to the garden
i'm getting bored
just breathing
so much work
no wonder i
don't have anyone
to talk to
Written by
       Miss Ana, mk, Alec and Carson Alexander Defelice
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