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May 2018
It's still me
though I had to change
the name I've had my whole life.

Not legally of course,
but poetically

While I wish my name remembered
as one with written art.
I can't risk possibly losing
those who have my heart.

With time I've come to realize
that people can't be trusted.
They take the good and make it bad
or let it leave them rusted.
They never understand

So I remain anonymous
With simple pseudonyms
To protect myself and others
from pure and raw emotion
in case they can’t withstand
I changed my name on HePo because I was afraid of people in my life finding the stuff I've written about them. I use it and my poetry as a diary, it's usually raw unbridled emotion and I've learned from experience that a lot of people can't handle it. I've had people find stuff like this before and it ruined a lot. I really want my poetry to be out there for people to lean on, and for my own stability but I can't risk the wrong people finding it. Hopefully, some day, I can change it back to my real name. Thanks for understanding guys. If you're not sure who this is, please look at my profile. My poems are still the same, as is my description, and they will remain so and hopefully it can clear up any confusion. If you have questions, DM me! Thanks again, I love you guys
Olivia Daniels
Written by
Olivia Daniels  19/F/anywhere but here
(19/F/anywhere but here)   
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