Apr 2018
Blinded from what surrounds us,
we focus on self doubt.
Fears from the past howl in the wind,
with a familiar sound.

We inhale the future,
and try exhale the past,
but the wind struggles for empathy,
creating a stranger out of us.

Waves of uncertainty hold us back.
And the reality of our past hides among,
the darkness that wanders alone,
finding comfort within our discomfort.

In denial is often felt.
The truth of our past is avoided and hidden,
behind the thick layers of emotion.Β Β 
And our sense of wonder radically changes.

Time manages to stay still and,
the beauty of silence flourishes,
awakening a thought,
where words are no longer valid,
only our existenceΒ Β is what matters.

We ponder at the entrance of our deepest thoughts,
and while regret accompanies us,
our heart holds on to the past,
every single beat has it's own painful rhythm.
Written by
Eva O'Sullivan  F/Ireland
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