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Eva O'Sullivan Feb 2019
I don’t want to fail
Worries, I inhale

Grades at a lower scale
Granny prays to the Holy Grail

My face no longer pale
Her prayers always prevail

I am eager now
To set sail

Freedom felt in the winds gale

To begin life’s tale
Promise, a letter in the mail

To head upscale
Make my own trail

Instead of ‘study’ I wail
Eva O'Sullivan Jan 2019
The moon, a reminder
Whatever phase
We are in, we are still whole

It is that light in us
Not the darkness

That frighten us
Our ability, Our words
That stings and stains the mind

If I could speak to the breeze
What would she teach?

I’d ask politely for peace
Or some guidance at least

Perhaps she’d tell me to leave
Conceal the secrets
in the air we breathe.

If I could speak to the sea
What would she preach?

I’d ask her what does it mean
To the know the depths of belief?

Perhaps she’d guide me beneath
Reveal the meaning
thats hidden and unseen.
Eva O'Sullivan Sep 2018
I tried.
I did.
I lied.
I did.
I failed.
I did.
I cried.
I did.
I blamed.
I did.
I stopped
I did
I waited.
I did

I changed

Everything has changed
Even the honesty in me
Eva O'Sullivan Sep 2018
They say it get's better
They say it could be worse.
They say forget it
They say move on
They say try harder
They say it's easy
They say grow up
They say lies
They say it's fine
They say be calm


They never ask how I am
Eva O'Sullivan Sep 2018
It's a feeling that lingers

It's a thought

It's an image

It's a voice

It's a word

It's an uninvited presence in life

That my friend

is the Truth.

We feel it, think about it, see it but...

Always ignore it, walk away, and forget it

The truth exists no matter how much we push it away

It is the other half of our heart

It is and will never change

That  uninvited guest is living permintely in the heart

I refuse to believe the truth

Take me back to when the truth didn't matter

when all life was

just a happy place for us
Eva O'Sullivan Apr 2018
Blinded from what surrounds us,
we focus on self doubt.
Fears from the past howl in the wind,
with a familiar sound.

We inhale the future,
and try exhale the past,
but the wind struggles for empathy,
creating a stranger out of us.

Waves of uncertainty hold us back.
And the reality of our past hides among,
the darkness that wanders alone,
finding comfort within our discomfort.

In denial is often felt.
The truth of our past is avoided and hidden,
behind the thick layers of emotion.  
And our sense of wonder radically changes.

Time manages to stay still and,
the beauty of silence flourishes,
awakening a thought,
where words are no longer valid,
only our existence  is what matters.

We ponder at the entrance of our deepest thoughts,
and while regret accompanies us,
our heart holds on to the past,
every single beat has it's own painful rhythm.

— The End —