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Apr 2018
"usa is us a"

a society of a little bit of

                           this and that

                                     is usa and usa is us a

   demonic jewel thief

                         of evil intent


   money bags buys

                                   the big blue world

                     on sale cheap

                              cuzz we manipulated

     the price             and made it              cheap

                      by knocking out

          the competition

                                       without worry bout

                    collateral damage

                                              the dead don't blead


                                  birthplace of the compassionate

    rich !


                        miracle of capitalism

                                                                ­on its way

           though not here

                                                                ­      yet

   just gotta have faith


                                                     just gotta have faith


          you can hear one


                      just lean close and

Mark Wanless
Written by
Mark Wanless  mpls, mn
(mpls, mn)   
   Lure Pot
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