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Mar 2018
"Plastic world"

"Plastic life"
"Plastic world"
"Plastic boy"
"Plastic girl"
"Plastic surrounds me"
"It makes me feel fake"
"I mean, everyone is artificial for goodness sake!"
"There bodies aren't natural"
"So isn't their minds"
"They live life in this plastic world"
"Yet I'm slowly falling behind"
"Behind the curtains they put on their plastic faces"
"And spend another day in this plastic life"
"Everything and one oh so fake"
"Its as if nothing really exists at all"
"Maybe its the plastic society we live in"
"Its sad we as humans have come to this"
"To where everything is plastic"
"Everything is fake"
"Nothing is real"
Nothing truly exists
ouuuu oh so dramatic arent i?
Written by
mars  17/F
         Olivia Daniels, spiral-whirl, joel jokonia and Benji James
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