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Mar 2018
I can not grow used to the phrase “I love you to the moon and back”
I see it so often but I just can’t accept it
How sickening it must feel to only love someone to the moon and back
How sad it must be to have your love limited so much
Because when I think about you
I know that I can not put my love for you in the space between us and the moon
I think of a love so big it radiates through the milky way galaxy
A love so big it itself makes the sun shine
A love that spins Jupiter's moons
My love for you stretches across the universe
Getting in every crack and crevice
Soaring through every black hole
My love for you can not be measured in distance because it radiates and spreads like sunbeams
My live can not be measured in time
Because a love like this can not die
In 20 years I will feel your warmth spread across my face every time the sun shines and I will think of you
And I see it in the past too
I see it in van gogh paintings and hear it in Mozart melodies and feel it in the awe at ancient roman buildings
I feel it so much I want to paint you pictures and write you songs and build you skyscrapers
I can not do any of those things
But I can write you poetry
Poetry to show you that
238,900 miles is nowhere near enough space to fit all my love for you
So no
I don’t love you to the moon and back
I love you throughout our entire universe and all of the other universes
and I don’t know what's bigger than a universe
And space is so big but I love you here
There is infinite space
And infinite time
And all I know is when we lay together
And I look up at you
Breathing softly in your sleep
That is love
So small it is just in that moment
We are so small
And this is all so big
But here
I just want to say
I love you
Cassandra Lane
Written by
Cassandra Lane  19/F/Honolulu, Hawaii
(19/F/Honolulu, Hawaii)   
   Cory Williams
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