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Cory Williams Jul 2018
If you were to rise early in the morn'
And your hair matted down by dream filled pillow;
If the words you spoke first were a muffled good morning,
I hope you'll take me along.
If you were too tired the night before
To wash your face and brush your teeth;
If you were to gift me an oiled stale kiss,
I hope that we collide.
Please don't let me stop you
From your exquisite independent carriage,
But if you wanted to rest a while,
I hope I can carry you along.
If you thought of me as strong enough,
I could hardly fret,
When you share your dreams before memories evade,
Taking me along.
Cory Williams Jul 2018
In this stained room I recall,
Happiness, tears, joy, sorrow,
Celebratory cigars hazing these walls,
And the nostalgic sunshine lasered through-
Flooding impulses into my eyes that contract my irises
Focused on white orchids riddled in aphids
Due to my daydreaming carelessness,
Her leaves and my skin dry and yellow-
Flaky, like that time mother baked that perfect peach pie
And I embedded crumbs in this carpet
Fallen from my voracious gaping mouth,
Held open again when here I gained the gift of fatherhood
And taken aback when my own passed on-
In this room I recall,
These walls of jaundice, there for me,
My punching bag and sliding back support
Painted in carbon dioxide and tar.
Cory Williams Jun 2018
I get it now.
I'm still learning, but I get it.
Your tough ****,
Your tough love,
When you said I don't give a ****
And dragged me through the mud,
I get it.
I don't know why you did it,
But I understand,
When you'd show me an iron fist one moment,
And then you'd hold my hand.
I'm not gonna do it to her,
But I get it.
I know where your demons dwell,
How you hide in the lion's den and cry,
Mistaken for roars to those who can't see you,
And I get it.
I'm sorry it happened,
And I understand,
It's what I know,
But I won't do it to her.
Cory Williams Jun 2018
As perfectly okay as it is to go with the flow,
I'll grow upside down,
Color outside the lines,
And explode like a mighty oak filled with paint,
Struck by lightning from the ground up.

Why do people always look to fix what is broken?
Stalled vehicles still rotate and tilt
On the Earth's axis,
Thousands of miles an hour,
And I still work,
Worthy of trips around the sun,
So please don't scrap me at the first sight
Of what you see as failure.

I'll grow upside down.
Cory Williams May 2018
I live for that sound,
Between life and death,
And naturally forced by my hand,
Serrated steel extension of wild precision,
It says it needs a shower,
And I oblige.

Daddy takes care of his children;
I am firm.
Keep your nose to the grindstone,
I am warm,
I'm grateful for your amenity,
Your love,
Your life in pools of red,
My children live through you,
Through your sacrifice they grow.

I...I know you understand,
As you make that sound,
Telling me "you are welcome",
Cradled in my loving arms,
I am humbled.
Cory Williams May 2018
Soil in the sun too long-
Digging up dust-
Whispering in the shade-
I've been roasting too long-

And I'm burnt out-
Sour taste upon your tongue-
I've grown cold-
Your sugar turned to salt-

Reheating isn't quite the same-
The sweetness softened-
Topped off with a new black-
That we all know fades into the same old ****.
Cory Williams May 2018
This curse
Enveloped like the ink I use to write this verse
All in my head
Whispers get loud in my dreams;
The words you have said

Let's get to the point
My head is all cloudy so I roll up this joint
Smoke 'til it's clear
Then have a few drinks
Crack open this beer

Where have you gone?
Did we fight, was I in the wrong?
I look in cracked mirrors and feel the shame
When you're dead in your eyes and have no one to blame

The screams, they are saints
Marching on into cerebral rooms
Carrying red paints;
Fresh coats of you to remind me why
Your life was the reason I was barely alive.
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