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Mar 2018
There he was
Always by my side

He was there to wipe my tears
He was there to hug me and take away my fears
He was there to stop me from drinking too many beers

He was always there until one day I made things blurry
Everything was going downhill
He didn't even look back
He just left in a hurry

I said I didn't care
Deep down, I just wanted it to be a nightmare
I knew he was no longer by my side
I had lost everything, everyone, even my pride

We talk once more
Our conversations never a bore
I tell you how much I've missed you
and all about the days I've been blue

you are one of my blessings
I know I won't mess this up again
I'm not even stressing

I love you so much
Our friendship has become something no one can touch

Thank you for being by my side
Through the low and high tides
Written by
Jet  F
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