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Feb 2018
Ghost of my dead saviour, off to haunt my achievements
Spawning, in me, resentment
Maligning my devotion with its indifference

Fiery dragon of the East, off to find contentment
Slaying emotions, with abandonment
Deceived me with its sombre appearance

This dragon has made me dependent
The things that thrilled me, now scare
This dragon has ****** its aegis upon me
Now all I can feel is, a suffocating snare

Angel and the Gambler selling hope, devilishly
Peddling dreams and joy, treacherously
Advertising homes for saints and sinners

Heart runs behind obliterated trust, mindlessly
Being the judge of its desires, heartlessly
No unbelievers in the city of illusions

This Angel has forced me to let my guard down
This Gambler has made me cave
My altar has made me a wrongdoer
My worships vilified by my pain

It is time to Alter the Altar
My take on the process of moving on after heartbreak.
Written by
Jalaj Soni
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