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Feb 2018
It is like there are two parts, the watched and the watcher
The watcher seeing a struggle to find love
An essential ingredient to happiness and self fulfillment

You have constructed a wall impenetrable by most everyone
Built for protection to keep others out, but why
Like a bird with an injured wing I observe you flapping about

Flailing at some unknown enemy or force in defiance or defense
A look of utter scorn scowling across such a delicate tender face
One that could be touched gently like a light breeze by a suitor

Oh they have tried, your outer beauty a draw like honey
I too know the inner beauty you harbor safely in the bay of hope
Away from the rough seas of life where hurt and pain lurk

Alas frustration mounts as the dueling enigmas duke it out
Like a ring with two combatants competing to best the other
A hard fought battle that may see neither a winner, a draw no less

Leaving pugilists exhausted and feeling no less loved or cared about
An outsider peeping into a window to the soul of a future lover
That can be seen but not touched like in a dream
Andreas Simic
Written by
Andreas Simic  M
   Ciel De Verre
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