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Apr 2018
your words peirce through my soul like the scalpel of a surgeon but instead of saving me you are killing me. your words make me thirsty and your actions drive me to the local watering pit, in there the only life that dwells is  living bodies but dead souls , i see demons all around me , black souless eyes that for some unknown reason comfort me, i walk to the damp table and look into the mirror that is hidden behind the bottles of forget and regret and i see a demon ,but his eyes darker then the others ,his soul gone without a trace and i look to the slim and formally dressed man and without a word he pours me a shot of liquid confidence , in a blink its gone and he pours me a shot of liquid gold , in a whisper its gone i look at him with my dark souless eyes and he understands and he put the bottle of forget on the table and walks away as if to say in a silent way "i know what c0mes next". i listen to the laughter and joy that rises from the demons and realise im in hell , but this hell is warm and feels odd , it has that feeling that... what is it , what is that word... Home... it has that ***** feeling , is this home , are these singing demons my family?, love done this to me , you done this to me, its not supposed to be like this. where did it all go wrong ? , was it that first night when we met ? was it the day i told you how i felt ?, when did we lose our way, when did i have to start looking for your love in a bottle , when did i have to start forgetting the nights to remember the days ? when did you stop loving me ? and we started loving the feelings of being drunk and high. We were supposed to love and protect each other instead all we do now is protect the whiskey glass from falling as we charger at each others throats. " LEAVE GET OUT!"  you scream as i sit in the corner remembering the days when you said "dont go , dont leave me." I stand up and walk towards you , you protect the one you truly love , you push me aside and hold onto him tighter then you've ever held onto me , i shake my head and i look at him , and i see jack but i see the three other bottles too , three ships , and so many more scattred all across the floor, i look at you and the only sober thought  that comes to mind after weeks escapes and i say to you "stop" you laugh and say "its saint patricks day , love let loose". Can we go back to the day we met , that cloudy night when the moon glittered over your eyes just perfect way , before that shot of whiskey took it all away, but through all the pain and hangovers and 5ams against the toilet pan i never left and through the days to come and nights to suffer i wont leave my love because behind the bottle i know you're there , behind the drunk demons our love lives , behind the tears of sorrows we still love , she never meant a thing to me i swear , and i know he wasnt meant to be there, we made mistakes but our love doesnt need to suffer the torture of two drunk lovers to scared to let go but to hurt to say "i love you".... come back to me , come home and leave the bottle tonight alone, come home to me and show me i mean more to you then he did , come home and hold me the way you once did, leave the whiskey and come to me, come back to me my love...please...
Written by
Muhammed Amir Shaik  20/M/south africa
(20/M/south africa)   
   Rick the shoe shine boy and ---
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