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Dec 2017
Though this day may never be touched by the light
And though no love come to hold us this night
And though I am years from your touch and you are worlds from mine
Hold the sliver of grace that someday I’ll see your eyes shine
Even if it feels like you’ve held me for the last time
The uphill battle of love is worth the hard climb.

After all the hardships we fight through for love
We will soon be reunited, free to love
There has come a time now when we must hide our love
But there will come a time soon when we’ll return home
And when you’re safe in my arms where you belong,
Nothing will be able to tear us apart.

Don’t you love me?
Don’t I love you?
Because with a love so true, so deep, so strong
We’ve created a love that can’t be broken
And that is worth it, isn’t it, my darling
We aren’t touched by light but soon we’ll be shining.
I wrote this last October off of a stanza that came to me while I was out for a run. I thought it was so beautiful that I kept it on repeat in my mind until I got home and by then I had two stanzas. The ones here are pretty close to those original words, so maybe you'll get why this quickly became special to me. This is the story of a forbidden love that is real and true despite its troubles and forced secrecy; the basic gist of it is that they know they'll eventually be free to love each other out in the open.
Written by
Brianna Duffin  17/F
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