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Dec 2017
With pure intention.
I longed to prove more than what became ideal.
Insecurity can come from a variety of sorts.
Communication through action, not only words.
The value of times essence.
Counting the moments it takes to come to the realization,
I too was afflicted.
To appreciate a woman such as her.
Not to impose on exposed thighs.
A factious affair that could only enforce what was felt mentally.
Only in mental.
Still weΒ became vulnerable to the emotions that followed.
I appreciated her in full.
In part to generosity.
Her stare,Β  the way she'd vocalize to the rhythm of her heart.
I emptied my time when I had none to give.
Creating a revolving door of emotion,
In due time it was never enough.
In part I tried to stop. Finding myself too far gone.
She too pointed in blame.
Everything that felt so right became wrong.
My face no longer my own.
But one of her past.
I shared fault in every reaction that wasn't my own.
I'd sit and wander my thoughts.
Everything she said I'd do, I'd never done.
A shadow loomed, knowing only to spread.
Finding it's way past the light of heart.
Soon the very words we stood upon filled with cracks.
I too, afflicted by everything other than myself. Than her.
Than we.
Just as the very first step felt the hardest.
The last one was even harder.
Not realizing who we were any longer, the trips to and from were never the same.
Both lost in the tide of emotion.
In the hopes of not becoming totally lost.
I watched her give herself to another.
to feel the same way about another, to go above and beyond for another.
To again become afflicted, as his face later became one from her past.
Kewayne Wadley
Written by
Kewayne Wadley  30/M/memphis tn
(30/M/memphis tn)   
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