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Feb 2018
Imagine with me...
Trapped and scared, head pounding.
Darkness all around us,
Loud noise, all resounding.

The familiar ache inside your chest,
Killing you from inside, burning hot.
Spreading like the wildfire,
Nothing will shake it, seconds left you've got.

Can you hear them above the roar?
Or are you stuck inside your head again?
Open your eyes, little one,
Look through the dark clouds, but what then?

Do you feel the rain beat against your face,
Do you feel anything but pain?
We're caught, you see, caught in the in-between,
Are you alive, little one? Are you still sane?

These nights you lay awake,
I'm right there with you.
I know how much you fear what's hiding in the dark,
But I face them too.

Wrong side of Heaven,
Righteous side of Hell.
We don't belong anywhere,
But don't worry, I'll never tell.
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