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Oct 2017
If you would get to see my mind
You would see how hard I try
How hard I try to put different masks on everyday
Just to feel alright.

You would get to hear how i'm battling myself
How I plan my own death every night
And how hard it is for me to forget that there are people
People who love, and care for me.

You would get to feel, feel what I've been feeling
The sadness inside me, i'm slowly getting used to it
The battles inside me are endless
And you, you would die inside my mind

My mind is so deep, deep as the ocean
So many endless battles, between me and society
These oceans you can't swim
Because you care less
And even the people close to me
Can't notice these oceans inside me
So I wrote this poem randomly because I've been battling depression ever since I was a kid. The thought of me not being understood by the people that are close to me and the people that I love really breaks me the most. Also, I've tried so hard to make those people happy in many ways but the only thing they give back to me is more heartbreaking.  till now, I still suffer from it and this is a battle that the only winning solution is to feel the people who are suffering from this state to. Depression isn't just a word, it's more than that. I WILL not quit this battle. I will fight and I know I can.
Written by
anj  Manila
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