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Jun 2017
(A Thousand-Mile Poem)
by JAC and JAB

I went hunting for history
Between the walls of a house
Peeking through its windows
In case its eyes went without.
Collecting the shadows
From shelves under his eyes
The storage room was full,
His heart heavy with lies.

Archive mind afloat with mystery
Memories and history
Saving me a seat
At the back of the library.

Reading through aisles of empty thoughts
I've known him since that moment.
The memory he nearly forgot,
He still carries a rusting watch
*The watch and time, no longer friends
Rust and poison, a story again
The archive mind begins and ends
At the touch of the forgotten face.
Another poem with the poet JAC! His work is in italics!!
Lovely working the Thousand-Mile Poetry Collection with you!!
Written by
Lvice  16/Following the bees
(16/Following the bees)   
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