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Jun 2017
There is nothing more
Attractive to me
Than a soul just like mine,
Letting me see
And seep and drown beneath
Her waves -
I want to provide relief
Her tides,
Doubtful as they may be,
I'd rather calm her restless seas
Than let her have a lesser me.

There is nothing more
That I adore
A girl who is self aware
It makes me love
Her even more
There is nothing she offers
I don't care for.

She thinks and feels deeply,
Though it doesn't show
I know she loves and
Cares for me
***, don't worry -
We'll take it slow.

Don't think for a second
That I will tire
Of you, your sniffles
Your gaming desire,
Your eyes, the glimmer
Or that you are taller
Or how your voice breaks
During laughter
It helps me simmer
My thoughts before I sleep -
A dreamer
Only sees perfection in
What you'd call flaws,
I love you more
Every time you ***** a joke
My flames are stoked -
There's nothing else
I can ask for.

The more I discover
About who you are
And what makes
Me miss you
When we are far
The more I adore
The soul I see -
The soul that's helped
Me become

There's nothing
I don't find
Great about you.
Try to see
The way that
I do.
You've got nothing to worry about. I promise.
Aidan A
Written by
Aidan A  24/M/Malaysia
     Trish and Navigated Thoughts
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