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Apr 2017
In our world,

Things have souls that flap;
           Stars always fall in love;  
                 Dreams feel the heartbeat of beyond;
           Colours swim in swarms;
Thoughts are surrounded by auras;
Love is always here;
Souls have mixed colours;
Hearts float around;
Feelings have their own logic;
Each dreams is surrounded by an aura;
Wings go beyond dreams;
Colours tend to share their feelings;
Flowers are ballet dancers.               
Things have hearts that play music;
The wings of souls sometimes make a sound;
                      Feathers often dream of beyond;
The heart beat of an aura is slow;
Souls smile through eyes;
Feathers shed tears, sometimes;                    
Hearts love to flirt with stars;
Things have dreams about feelings;
Auras always smile;                
Thoughts have multiple souls;
Wings have auras, too;
Stars kiss each other when the moon is not looking;
Colours have short dreams;
Love goes beyond;
Thoughts are in love with stars;
An average aura dreams every day;
Things smile to each other on occasion;
Hearts think in beats;
Feathers cry sometimes;
Hearts enjoy dancing with auras;
Bees write prose;
Beyond is always here;
Dreams come in many colours;
Tears are stars in disguise;
Here is always somewhere else;
A star’s heart beat is faster than light;
Smiles are portals to beyond;
Colours smile when they remember;
A dream’s wing is transparent;
Butterflies are secretly jealous of flowers;
The aura of a smile tells a story;
Feathers love colourful auras;  
                        All smiles dream about love;

This is our world.
We are different.
We are beautiful.
We are *poets.
Poets are aware about their world in a different way.
Written by
MU  M/Mesopotamia
         Botan, Emily G Dhami, ---, ---, Strawberry Shortcake and 23 others
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