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Apr 2017
Hello and welcome
This is my mind
Sorry for the mess
When I think, this is where the thoughts go
and most of the time this is where they stay
I'd like to say I know where everything is
but that would be a lie
I know that my ideas are somewhere by the door
I was planning on taking them out and putting them on display
I guess I forgot to get around to it
Now where did I put those thoughts I never said?
Oh well.
Here are some memories
but I guess they got damaged when I made room for more
That giant stack over there?
the one that takes up a fourth of the room?
Those are song lyrics
No, I didn't make those.
I just like them.
What was I looking for?
Well shoot.
I guess I'll just come back later
if I remember to remember
What did you find?
It's just a little something I wrote up
You can go ahead and take it if you want
It's just a reminder to Organize the Noise
This place just gets so crowed
It feels like the place is going to explode sometimes
So you can take that
There are some things that I just shouldn't keep in
A stream of consciousness
Joshua Helmuth
Written by
Joshua Helmuth  22/3 feet above the Earth
(22/3 feet above the Earth)   
   Lior Gavra
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