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Apr 2017
Because we might get unbound
Of something that's stalling us both
And taste and see new shores
(you need it more tHan I do)
Because Amy might not be the soundtrack
And my good fortune's still there, untouched

I love you, but things they change
Let's not file a list of complaints
and keep going, going
Because oh baby I loved you so...
but my wings were getting weak and stunted
And I cannot take it.
Notes to further understand the poem: Amy is Amy Winehouse, meaning that our soundtrack might not be sad as many of her songs are (to which I listened to a lot before), and the line "my good fortune's still there" is a reference to the song Good Fortune by PJ Harvey, which I highly link to the relationship the poem talks about. It means to me that even if the person which filled for me the lyrics with meaning is not there, my good fortune is still there. That it was not him, exclusively.
Psychotic Poetess
Written by
Psychotic Poetess  27/Madrid
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