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Mar 2017
Dmt and lsd are cousins.

Lsd pure drip's to candy my perceptions change so vividly.

Every thang is ultra crisp and brilliant.

Noticing my life is full of great thangs.

Limits scatter as I push threw the curtains.

Going past the realm of occucerences.

Seeing from all points of reference and creating ideas with pure imagination.

It's said life'sΒ Β like a dream we our experience all our extensive outer layers.

Habits are formed with great success.

Yet pull away from the rest and summit your own version and test.

Lsd and dmt mix with grade a ***.

Seeing perception of all life and forms.

Each instance, all life is equally the same.

God is creation, big bang is creation.

Holding your own reconstruction of belife.

So as feet patter on a wooden floor.

Your mind starts wondering what else there is.

Beyond are place in the vast expansion of the black space.

Do you love your life is it flawless.

Or are there blushes and bumps.
Life dmt lsd perception changes.
Written by
Timothy hill  Ny
     yosemite, Zero Nine, Bianca Reyes and unnamed
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