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Feb 2017
I want your body...
I want to kiss your body
I want to kiss your hands
I want to kiss your lips
I want to kiss your neck
I want to kiss your *******
I want to kiss your thighs
I want to kiss your skin
I want to **** that **** little *****
I want to lick it up until you are begging for mercy
I want to kiss your **** little *** cheeks
Mmm... I'm licking my lips just thinking about
the taste of your *** as it hits my lips
I wanna lick every part of it
The very sight of it got me drooling like a ******* baby
I want to **** it, **** it, squeeze it, please it
I want to lay you on the bed and spread your **** *** legs
And go downtown for hours
As I take my time pleasuring your precious ****
I wanna hear you moan
I wanna hear you scream my name
I wanna *** your body just right
Because that *** got me addicted to your body
Your body is the prize of a thousand wet dreams
Sit that big, **** *** in my lap
And work my **** like only you know how
Twerk it, twist it, squeeze my ****
Go faster, go harder
**** it baby...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper....
Mmm it feels so good
Don't stop...
Touch me there....
Kiss me there....
Make me moan
Make me scream
Make it loud
Make me cream
Make my body feel all of the sensations
That you know you can make it feel
Because the feeling of your body against mine
Just makes me melt and I lose my ******* mind
As you rub up and down
****... ****.... Let me get that ***** baby
Let me show your body what its been missing
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
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