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Feb 2017
Once I was innocent

A dreamer, I loved you
I stepped so blindly in karmic labyrinth created
I followed your breadcrumbs
Life was perfect and the world reborn
The Empire you've built was seemingly perfect by design is flawed and cracked - how could I be blind?
All this time I've played like a puppet
This empire is no more a pile of cards - card and fragile

It must fall!

Now I wake up to the fire, tripping through ashes and decay
What do you see when you look at me wither away?
Do have feelings for me anymore?
Love me (yet)?
Our love story was blossoming
If only it were true ...
You gave me an adventure I lost my voice (and freedom)

Our love was just an illusion
All this time we were *******

We were hollow shells without souls
Machines without programming
We were nothing
I am a ghost whenever I am with you

Now that you are gone, I am reborn
I disintegrate into nothing but ashes, may the wind carry me away

At least, I am finally free........

Amore รจ cieco
A cautionary tale of lust vs. love

Amore e cieco - Italian for love is blind
Mio Seanachaidh
Written by
Mio Seanachaidh  New York
(New York)   
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