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Feb 2017
I cannot speak the light
The light that speaks to all cultures
Except the language of love
Of their loneliness
And fear
Their insecure nature
Because we all know how it ends
But I cannot make them love their enemies
I can’t make them care about your children
Or care about anything I care about


Because it is that they worship something sight unseen

So what it is
Can we ever know?
Except what our minds need it to be
For us
For our people
But I cannot know
If the light that guided you
Also guided your conquerors
I cannot explain how not to avenge your son
Or how to forgive the cause
Of the diaspora
I cannot explain to someone else why your anger is just
Or why their anger is not just to you
I cannot tell you that God favors you
And not him

There are so many nails for me remove
Maybe it’s better to fight than be apart
Only moments in time
And yet we continue to believe we are blessed
By God
His fruits
In his image
{emotion or my face?}
Of his mercy
But not you
But not me
Only we
Whoever we are
It had to be us

We are the chosen people
This land is ours
We buried our dead here
Thousands of years ago
It is ours

Graves are not meant for cliff diving
Or day trading
They are only food for our sadness
And we must protect them
No matter how many layers exist
Between our fathers
And the fathers of the soil far beneath us
Where only evolution and faith know the truth
Where only history lies dormant
If a shovel and the light from another world will ever arrive
Mark Lecuona
Written by
Mark Lecuona
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