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Jan 2017
A weak sigh
slowly closing the front door
careful not to get the attention
of hushed cement walls

A held out blow
gently casting wishes
carrying seeds of promises
from a dandelion

A casual whiff of cigarette smoke
lost in the traffic
between blaring car horns
and pedestrian talk

A dancing whistle
bouncing on saucers
hovering in the water
sliding on the sink

A voiceless whisper
echoing in a church
the angels and saints
suddenly are all ears

A long-distance yawn
deep-diving into the unconscious
reaching out to another world
in the heart of the mind

An unremarkable breath
may just be the tail of our souls
peeping through our mouths          
even though the eyes are the windows
Jami Samson
Written by
Jami Samson  Philippines
     Jamadhi Verse
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