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Jan 2017

I see you every moment
Within and around me
Still why my eyes are
Searching for YOU?

Oh kind blessed BELOVED of mine
My soul is seeking your touch

I wish an auspicious 2017
Greetings for my BELOVED

May be it was not our destiny
To cross roads last year 2016
Let us hope for change in 2017

I've sent my Greetings to my BELOVED
I am waiting for the miracle to happen

Even the heart of the earth
Even the spirit of the ocean
Even the soul of the sky
Are cracking listening to
My plight of LOVE
I pray my LOVE
Touches your soul

If it was not in our fate in 2016
Let LOVE be our destiny in 2017

I know that for my BELOVED
There is no in-equality
There is always rights - human rights
A fight for empowerment of LOVE
Everyone who shows LOVE
Is tendered with grace, kindness & care

To whoever my BELOVED touches
Will live thereafter in peaceful calm

I know I am very far from my BELOVED
From the aura of BELOVED'z magic

Someone come, tell & show my LOVE
To my BELOVED and
Grant me a relief from my despairs
I live compelled by sadness of
Time cycle of days & nights
Everyone is allowed to see BELOVED'z
Flowers except me,
Why I've been given thorns to walk on?

BELOVED, you know it all, so
What else I should say to YOU?

Just give me a sign from there
My stars sparkle due to your benevolence
Like a mother-baby,
It is not good to keep
Us separated for long

You know I am ready to exchange
Even my life for your sake

I wish an auspicious year of 2017
To everyone

May be it was not our destiny
To cross roads last year 2016
Let us hope for better in 2017

Melancholy of Innocence
Written by
Melancholy of Innocence  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
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