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Nov 2016
Oh no
      They're all leaving
      My family, my friends
Don't go
      I can't do this
      I don't want it to end
I rely
      On my friends to be fine but
      They're leaving and I don't want to be alone forever
I've tried*
       But I can't go on
      When I feel like it's all over
friendo is moving to different borough...we can still hangout but she'd be farther and we'd hangout less. other friend moved to Florida. fave aunt moved to new jersey. other friend doesn't wanna hangout anymore. bro moved to south Carolina. sis has been living in Buffalo for a wants us to move to but I don't want to.
zeph the deer boi
Written by
zeph the deer boi  nyc <3
(nyc <3)   
   Lvice and Doug Potter
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