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Oct 2016
I get butterflies when I see you
But they're not peaceful, content to merely flutter around
in my stomach and
make me nervous.
No, these butterflies are aggressive ,
Unsatisfied with staying inside.
These butterflies demand to be released from the prison
of my larynx.
These butterflies travel up to my lips and force their way out in the form of stupid little phrase and mumbles and stutters.
Only when they're outside do they realize they should've stayed
Their wings brush my eyelids and lower them.
They crowd down my throat, tightening it.
Only when they're safe inside
Do I dare look up once more.
It's a relief to see you laugh it off, ignore it
The butterflies calm, waiting for another moment to rebel.
Another poem I wrote for the coffeehouse at my school
Man crushes ****
Lila Valentine
Written by
Lila Valentine  Highland Park
(Highland Park)   
     JA S-Mine and its gonna make sense
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