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Oct 2016
Fear me.
Honest to God, you should fear me.
Because you are the only thing I know how to hate.

Someone once told me that I had a heart of gold,
That someday it would ***** me over,
Despite it being my best quality.

I can empathize with the greatest villains in the world.
I can find our commonality in our humanness.
I can see the small slivers of goodness in them.

I find none in you.

You are the worst type of monster.
I cannot even fathom having that type of evil living inside of me.
I see nothing but darkness in you,

You think I'm scared of you?
I can't even begin to try and contain my laughter.
You cannot hurt someone immune like me.

But, sure, if it makes you feel better,
Believe that you have "hurt" me.
Believe that you have some sort of power or victory.

But remember this.
When you have to turn and run, and I am able to stride on by,
Your illusion will be shattered.
Written by
   Doug Potter
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