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Sep 2016
I can enter your mind.
I can make you feel emotions that you thought were non existent.
I can show you the harsh reality in decisions you've once contemplated,
But I can also show you the perks.

I am your conscience,
And I am smarter than you.
I control your every action.
I like getting inside of your head.
Because you're weak and predictable.

I can turn you into some little puppet,
Because without me,
You'd be dead.
I like to tease you.

I'm the one who speaks to you.
The one who projects little films in your brain of what is to come,
If you make a turn down a particular road.

I can ruin the fun,
Yet I can prevent the unfortunate.
I suppose you can call me your guardian angel,
But no angel could ever be as loyal to you as me.

You may see my opinion as irrelevant,
Yet you may be grateful for my support.
I'm only here to protect you.
Regardless of how devious you think I may be.

Remember that time you decided to try new activities?
You remember, the one's that surpassed your original preferences?
The ones that make me run away and a new sense of thinking appears?

Well I stopped you.
Because nobody likes a dead sixteen year old.
There is so much evil in this world,
And I am the wall that stops you from becoming a part of it.

I am your conscience.
And you barely acknowledge what I do for you.
We all underestimate the powers that god has given us.
Francis John
Written by
Francis John  20/M/New York
(20/M/New York)   
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