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Sep 2016
The lizard is alone.
The lizard is small,
looked down upon.
By some.
the lizard is unafraid.
The lizard leaves her comfort zone.
She leaves it all behind.
An enemy comes.
And removes her tail.
She does not struggle
to hold on to it.
She leaves it behind.
The lizard is...
Looked down upon.
But the lizard is unafraid.
She leaves her comfort zone.
And enters the King's palace.
To dwell in the Presence of the King.
She is small and wise,
and lives in the King's palace.

I am like the lizard.
Looked down upon.
By some.
I am afraid.
To leave my comfort zone.
I will,
I must,
leave it all behind.
I will leave the tail
of my past sins and regrets behind.
If that is what it takes.
If that is what it costs me.
To enter the King's palace.
And dwell in the Presence.
Of my King.
Inspired by Proverbs 30:28, Holy Bible
The Faithful Dreamer
Written by
The Faithful Dreamer  Canada
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