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Aug 2016
Schrodinger's Cat neither waits
nor happenstance bothers to care
for whom so ever chances by
the box - betwix' the here and there now
nowhere / no one to bow
down, or dare say...
(it's a trap to make you mad)

the mind's eye now patiently indifferent,
only wonders
at the ripples of much ado's
(inside our snow globe of true blue,
of real world blunders
dans le'mer)...
The storms are our own burdens
because man can't pick up after themselves,
can't seem to even share...

And every turn of a passerby,
another student guide & gurl & guy
each unique in totality--each a world
unto themselves--curious will also die,
whether the answer is gleaned
in the blink of an eye
or enlightened gates may appear
the question still in flux,
flummox of empty airs
yet was always supposedly
within, divinely
"who am I now here?"

Not when or why or how
should we question or make belief
for the dreamer is a genie asking
for all the wishes
or one for himself
to make,

when the storm on the ocean waves
will ask in turn,
do you always prepare yourself
with lies and mistakes?
to seek the unknown with mind

If its a paradox to look beyond
and question time or God,
then it will be lightning for our own enlightening
which will strike unworthy mud,
back to whence it should
if you open a box which is known
to ****, our will, and could
even fearless men
have died and have never since
felt fulfillment
or some peace
of heaven ... (it's all good)

Because everyone mortal or matter
of flesh - of fact - of time - being less
bleeding thinking to outwit
the vastness of oceans
to claim the ultimate prize...
know now where you stand
since everyone dies

but who has truly lived
worthy of a sky, a moment
skipping a beat,
opens the eyes with awe
a heart feeling exuding heat...

Where is the wonder?
Wasting all time,
thought experiment--riddles and mimes
making of nothing
walls in our minds...

Ask no more stupid questions
you know the answers to
or answers no problems
to better the world
ill from all men do,

because I am
as you are
as we all are miraculously

I am both
We are One
Paradox and Perfection
in oceans of tears,
and so goes the question

"What's going on?
There's so much crap,
just stop the bull ...
or get out of the way"

Schrodinger and his cat
(can go **** themselves
in hell / in limbo
the exact moment the choice
is hypothetically made)

Why ask if ... or dare should say...

I'd rather look for Tomorrow
and no answers
but the brilliant Life,
for a better day.
Because I know (Love)
and believe in truth.

Peace. &. Namaste.

*(I bow to the divine in you)
Butch Decatoria
Written by
Butch Decatoria  45/M/Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
(45/M/Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)   
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