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Sunlight crawls into the bedroom

Like an obtrusive sibling who bounces me awake, the ever brightening daylight demands the same.
But how we all love our kin, and like family’s unconditional tough love,  encompassing our moments - nudging us, imploring us to not miss out.
Life happens at varied paces, at a crawl like the morning, and once wide eyed we can’t forget to appreciate, for the fullness of daytime adventures await.
Out there where sunlight is smiling, the world outside the window.
Like dreams in the drain, sleep from the eyes, shadows fall away as the sunlight fills the room...
7d · 27
The Cook asks the Dishwasher, who wipes the kitchen clean, and clocks out at Ten; why bother doing such a good job when it will get ***** again, each and every day?

The Dishwasher smiles saying,”Ah, such is Life.
“We all have to go ***** to get clean, how else will we know the difference or appreciate what we have at all?”
“Because I love, I let Love rule. It’s not about me...”
Birdlike spirit beyond confinement
Emergence from within flesh, exuding
Lithesome dancing fire, alive and brilliant
In some elsewhere plane of existence
Even though a string that begins from here
Veils of human blindness diminishes that
Energy, souls die when shells lie, or drown in fear.

If there’s nothing more beyond this passing
Nights starless, sky without flight, love’s lacking...(Light)
Oct 7 · 129
Awry (acrostic)
A many folk say they come in three’s,
Wrong turns and bad luck or
Rain drenching your ballroom gown.
Yet not all of us can be Cinderella, come midnight.
Oct 7 · 40
Moist (senryu)
That cellophane sheen
Warm breath on wet flesh, pink.
Sweet condensations.
Among the burlap landscapes of anguish
Muted expressions of starving babes
Need being the worst malady, yearning a wish...
Experiences so young, unhappy, should not be
Suffering war torn, fatherless ken deathly empty.
Tourists whilst in safari from far away lands
Yelp and twitter, unyielding to this giant travesty.

Ignorance is a selfie taken in the bush
Not a care to feel kin to human or witness, see
The child so thin with disease, is you, is me...
Oct 6 · 72
The N Word
Two Southern gentlemen,
plantation and slave owners,
bought and trained men to be the best money can buy

Now as the gulf of Mexico burns in the setting sun's fire,
they sit on one or the other's porch,
drinking hard lemonade, the night's stars
darkening ire

talking business of live stock
and the business of men's flocks
the possessions taking hold of manifest
and the destiny of days
here, where the bayou houses the cold blooded

crocodile swamps
mangroves of varied prey

the two masters drawl over thus gifts
plentiful bounties
the run of the land his forefathers conquered
the import of luxuries
goods and good with their hands

such machinations lead to displeasure
when the threat stems from
ebony treasures,
the stallion studs and fillies
like objects owned

not within the eyes will a predator recognize
that the hunger for the prey
is the same game  that masters and slaves
have played...
(better recognize)

"When did mine Negroes begin to behave"


"No such word exists to define their confounded hate-filled hearts..."

"Something called 'slang'--a intermingling of words to make a new one, with its own trademark, the criminalized, incorporated !"

"What does one call someone with such irrational and erratic behavior?--such ****** in the eyes!"

"A ******...?”
Oct 5 · 38
Hustlin’ (Senryu)
Super dope Uber
Driver, fixer, father, man
Flies for that paper.
Repost revised
Oct 5 · 26
No Hell
There is no Hell but the one we create,
and should intelligent beings be made
to contradict themselves and become less than ape?

What gardens there be, of all that is discovered
not created by evil or a hand that plows a lover
to the ground with an alien heart that plunders

and with all thoughts so weak to give in
masticate an opposite of love called Sin,
that we should forget what life has been

what All is seen and some mistakes have made
the blind cannot and will never wake
to know what a breath so small has shaped

this is life, not yours or mind to ****,
but be witness and appreciate --what evil could never
nor hate may endeavor to replicate

the garden you plant will not flourish without light
in hell (there's no Hell) nor without the rainy heights
you do not need to acknowledge  the Might

but inhale a breath and open your eyes, mind
the heartless beast all about in the wild
if so inclined go sleep with them a while...

(Get woke with Beloved, see the Light)
Revised repost
Oct 4 · 91
I have found a means to numb myself
To remove what confounded heart is left

For if what remains of it should break
All meaning in my breath will melt & I pray

Nothing will matter but my rage or hate
...and I suppose what remains of myself

Removed? I fear it is a monster with nothing
Else to prove... A one eyed thing, a furious storm,

Hell bent to return what pain was laid to rest.
No love remains if the only gift left is death...
Revised repost
Oct 4 · 35
To Spoon The Moon
I make smiles from shattered eyes
cry December's distracting frost
move my soul with hopeful sighs
and pray our devotion is not lost

It is the eve of renewal's glee
gave sad promises to spoon the moon
but in the haste of glass we freeze
pose with strangers who fill our room

sweat bemoans my reaching hand
your eyes are vacant with his lust
he bids the hours by your command
we smoke our feelings into dust

this boy is weak yet worships you
opens darkest gates to breed
now enter light that stirs, confused
my tears to scream still go unseen

i am a wish of hearts refused,
the sound of fallen poetry...
Sonnet Repost
Oct 4 · 22
Thine eyes were first, earth angel mine
To arrest the breath from within my lungs
Lovely deep blue pools, I drown in kind
But naught a drop from heaven flung

After the reprieve to calm my wits
That your flawless face should dawn
And as tho' a corpse that escaped its crypt
Your beauty dearest, resurrects dead songs

Where in my bones had lingered none.
Oh how I should sing of heavens proved
Having myself been saved yet undone
For thou art gravity of the stars and moon...

Your love delicate and fine, divinely saves
Since life has been touched by your grace.
A sonnet Revised Repost
Sep 27 · 54
YELLOW (acrostic)
Your umbrella and muddy galoshes
Elvish child of Spring, dancing in the rain.
Lovely as the innocence of being chaste.
Laughter banishing all fears so dark.
On faith, on stars - the color of remembrance…
Wondering if it's raining where you are?
Sep 27 · 53
BANANAS (acrostic)
Believing or not, **** happens
And then it hits the fan
Nincompoop narrations **** news
Alcatraz turns Hollywood tours
Nightlife street food
A craze of tastes du jour
Split or pealed, monkeys drool like crazy...
Sep 26 · 63
Beach city by the cool sea
not so easy city
not too busy, too ******, or greasy city

to take off
your shirt
to feel the breezy - city
I am
curiously lost in,
excitably exploring you
Asphalt-hard city  
different from my boyhood memory

not so scary-big - city
a great place to grow-up
kind of city
open roads bike rides
on my schwinn
safely suburb city

she's successfully savvy
sophisticated city
evolved from understanding
Downtown pity
No border walls
Chaps are diggy
Navy city

city of girls who can be
as manly and boys are as
pretty, gritty
of individuality
like a quirky
cousin, *****, brotha, niece
with Cali.-valley speak! - city

there's so much i want to see,
learn and believe in
this city,
i am a long lost twin city
just a baby,
friendly city, ******* your full *****

care for me daily
wish me luck a lotto city
even in my muck and ****** ditties
unconditionally cradling me with love
this LEGO city...
californicating sea world and zoos
old town wanderlust
Carmen on the trolley

San Diego by the sea,
in my blood,
this city by the beach
This city
that I love...
Sep 26 · 31
“How Divine! Such Grace!”
The Word cannot embody
Ballet when God speaks.
Sep 26 · 58
A Winged Kiss
A wave of a hand
a wand
a wink
             a nod   or  blink
a winged kiss...

You wriggling your nose
spurns me to rub your lamp

I dream of you
as I often can,
           magically and yearningly
I divine your eyes…

What curse or bliss
(Too much of this)
to be abused by your smile
from the muse of your wiles,
all the while
in our Utopian isolation
no other image of what must
or emulation of their love or
such none-such nonplussed

"you'll die, oh you just must"
dumb struck crush

while we paint ourselves tender
in writhing naked laughter
our own canvas
signed by us...
and only just
ourselves to Van Gogh
"Water Lillies"  and  
"Starry Nights"
       in your blush...
there I can see the future
of your worth
a masterpiece of our colorful theatre
inspiration's lovely birth

in the museums of my lungs
in my life
the art we shape with time
with touch...
what curse or bliss
this wish
come true

a wave of a hand
a wand
                        Our winged kiss…
Sep 26 · 85
Our selfs
You are a universe
        Unto yourself.
We are universes
       Unto ourselves.
I am a universe
         Unto myself.
Can’ t avoid i t self.
Sep 22 · 51
Selfies are fake
Without friends
Fish lips press send

“Who dat *****?”
Fake stars are dark
Black holes are

Selfies dine alone
Love is what’s up
Snapshots taken over
Mice some men
Alien artifices
Non intelligence

Selfish faces of death
It’s on trend,
Follow the material
Memento of wide webs
“Like ***! “
(B F F F)
Best fake friends forever!
Giggles hehehe!

Pick a profile pic
shoot shots snap!
Chatting with none of You’s

Selfies don’t say much
Not a photograph of true
But all burning men are liars
Walking pyres, deadhead to the end
Fish lips _ press send...
Like the shadow under the mountain

Our human affinity to darkness

Seems as heavy as loss itself

Like watching locusts gorge on summer fruit

Feels less and less a home

More and more alone

Like the shadow under the mountain.
Sep 20 · 70
Red Balloon
Remember when
every touch
      with all its intention
was a kindness
      Tender like our lips
      at first kiss,
in one another's eyes

      seeing with feelings
      discovery past the weight
      of fevered flesh,

a dervish flight
through those walls
      layered with doubts as heavy
      as the stones
we now turn our hearts into...

Remember when
every word
      was lovingly spoken

uplifting wisdom
like feathers, wings:
      the soft music of our mouths

      when life is floating
and we briefly are a/part
you still have me

When we are finally as one,
whole, a hearth warm,
and ****
      those wet silences
      become undulating music
                      the times we demure
our mouths still drinking, singing
instilling lessons
      within depths : the heart's thirst

which only absolute certainty
      calms and quenches...

keeps alight and so on
carrying on
      knowing tomorrow will come
      yet when I'm with you
I am new...
even in the dark
All stars are born.

Remember when
in the break of morning
      when eyes open from trenchant sleep
      (better than adrift or hollow)
remember how stunning the view

      inhale surprised
        to waking life's wonder, then
a/part as the wars pain and riot

fearlessly I say
                depart and drink
the rain
         freedom love
sky and eyes
         will awake...

And if we have yet to meet
since I know
      Truth and believe in Love,

when I fall for you
      Thank all the heavens, vast
I fell for you
                                              I will fall up...

Because I remember
it's you
      Lovely      loving       love
who fills my very cup

floating in the drink
of us.

(God how I love you.)
Sep 20 · 57
2nd Skin
I find sleep quite amiable
less resistant
after touching
timpani and tiger
Your other wilderness

It’s my undoing
after we have done what we did
Physically akin
Our own skin held close
Tingling with tender cooing
Gooseflesh quivering

the miasma of life's (bowels)
howling, bowdlerizing
the sensations of our
everyday heaven

I find sleep more pliable
after a swim in you
and I taste myself
in the salt
of our commingling
swathed in mouths
and primrose
fragrant waterfalls
and rain

Seed & Petrichor
in the aftermath,
The ******,  one victory
within and about
our dance of skin

I am washed away
a tiny death
a cry to heaven

I am naked
when you're not clothed on me
how strange to need you to swim
I find dreams much better
my second skin...
Sep 20 · 164
Dancers in the Dark
Nocturnes wide awake
All the days inside
Infant dreams

Nightly flights
Til morning
Blush/strokes twilight brightly

Blindly painting
Colors never before or ever
Since seen

But in slumbers’ deepest wish
These high-noon deserts
Brimming white Heat

Waves of ether
The ethereal bloom
Light defeats none but we

Moonless starlings
Cat-calm Cool turquoise
Tearless eyes emoting

Vast and fastidious
Chinook whirlwinds
Climbing the on-coming storm

Dreamer maelstroms
Fearless babes we embark we,
Dancers in the Dark.
Poetry is
Writing what all we felt
When the heart is asked
To translate.

Poetry is
Made malleable
Through the eyes
Which behold beauty.
Poetry is Life,
The love of life, malleable.
Poetry is meant to be
Touched by
To be moved by
(and with)

Poetry is
A song of words
A dance of exuberant emotions
A Grace
       Full of gracious
(a)  Lover's kiss.

Poetry is
Jump for joy and stabs of sorrow
Sculptor Singing Sepulchers
Molding nights & days
A mash up
Into one and the same
Something brand new
Of / For / To  - You
True blue or Red hot stuff
We lie to believe in
Something better / New
Flower Love Child
You had better
Best believe
Poetry is

It's not what you're looking at,
But what is seen.
What you see / what you’ll feel
In the zeal of heart's appeal
A beautiful up-lifting
To artistic heights

Poetry is
Mortality made miraculous
Charisma and magic
Choreography of verb / Oh's Of nouns
All the world - a profundity
Of Our lives
Whether lost or found

The Love letters / in red envelopes
Your heart
Crowd surfing
Amongst the herd;
Blossom bouquets of passions
Poetry is

The quietude and secrets
In the shade
In a home, a warmth made
Or an ode to a glade,
For the night
Of the empty souls'

Poetry is...
Your bleeding heart
Shining bright
Your Grace
An invisible light
Only to be seen
By knowing
One's true

Poetry is
A Painting
Of Love's loud moments...
It's not what you gawk at,
But what is gleaned.

Poetry is...
Sep 13 · 91
Poetry is...
Poetry is Pink Lemonade on a summer’s day.

Poetry is the sweat running down your neck as you drink deeply.
Sep 7 · 51
Babygirl Sour
Sweet Babygirl, the world’s become
Hey daughter where you been?
What you love above
House & prairies?
I see you down with it now
Trickin’ your treat
Muggin’ Mad *******
Taking a beating
Drinking is bruises
Until her eyes can’t see
Mind can’t think
Stuck on black
Sweet baby girls
Gone sour.
Aug 31 · 52
How We Do Family
The older elder have their superstitions,

Tiny rituals they keep under their breath


Wards & incantations

Sweep of broom stick, and what the hex?

Is Grams commanding demons

“In the name of the Father

And his son Jesus!”

“To get out of this house?!”

We all have one of those…

The lost cause / loose cannon

Black sheep first cousin

Into *******, or something unacceptable.

Perhaps their smell or appearance?

But with all the many different kinds

Of races of people / faces

Painted, pierced, gold plated,

We are biologically similar

The Homosapien kin

Bleeding tribes, clans, houses,

Fathers and sons

Who believe in war for the higher cause$

All above us here below

How does that way of living persist

When the world dies in


But we tolerate our addict Uncle,

Alchy parents, ****** aunts

Lost siblings on

Suicide watch …  

Because our humanity for family

Shouldn’t change what our eyes must see…

Can’t push brick mansions

But we all can climb those very walls,

It’s how we do family

(Together standing tall)

Love accepts without opinion

Without doubt or regret

No hate to have dominion

Peace be (Unconditionally)

And All the best.

How we do...
Revised repost
Aug 31 · 48
The Last Time
Can't remember

the last time I made love,

not the quick unarmored ***

gasping in a Friday night urgency,

tearing off clothes

with tiger-teeth and monkey-hands

no, making love:

like a gentle wash cycle

of lips on shoulder and nape,

simple looks of consenting thirst,

gorgeous shape of muscles

sifting into one another

glued in a slow, deliberate,

delicious dance

no conspiracy

no ulterior motive

but to know each and every niche

the highways of sweat and skin...

Can't recall exactly the date

of that last time

but I remember who

and I know how,

still remember those heavy eyes...

His searching hands between my legs

hot breath on my neck,

****--how that had made me melt:

considerate fingers playing deep blues

on my side, of my ribs,

rapacious thirst of oceans

dissolving into my august body

discovering sensitive spots to linger wet,

his mouth, I remember

pink caucasian  smoothness whispering

more & more my name - such authority on the kiss

As we become Las Vegas

bright lights & heat waves

hunger no longer an ache or crutch

I can't remember precisely

that last time I've been touched,

when my heart & soul felt

so much,

but I still can remember

the last time

with whom I made

This, like that

Oh! and


He made me

Aug 24 · 300
Sun Baking (Senryu)
Honey shiny skin
No minutes Mr. postman
Relaxing poolside.
Aug 24 · 112
The Miserable
Fake it well and smile,
Tho’ streets hard up life never could.
Company we keep.
Aug 24 · 179
Is it a sin to self gratify,
Until the lower third eye spits glue
All thru the night
Madly rapaciously lascivious you

Almost desperate to find
Even when we were warned
Likely to go blind
Symptoms of a hairy Palm

When one can't come close
To transcend or feel
The ethereal bliss that glows
In the love made real

And there's no one worth it
To waste such sighs
Is it sinful as unwanted births
or better to self gratify?
Revised repost
Aug 16 · 196
Crocodile Tears
Let's pretend I can read your mind.

What unkind words would you not say,
     whose name would you hide?

What places would you flee, in dismay,
or wish to Caribbean cruise to?

If I could hear your love,
what would it tell me
     that I do not already know?
What kind of fantasies would whisper?
Will your fears be softly moaned,
or scream loudly to be let go?

Let's pretend you knew I could
hear deeper all your silences,

     how many flatteries, there, would echo
like broken vinyl,
a skipping heartbeat, a flat tire...on the road…

Would you still lie, if you knew--that I knew,
still believe in them?
Still make me believe you good?
(never telling the truth)

Let's say you could
hear my thoughts... my inner worth...

Would you condemn me and herald my secrets?
Command me for your work
     make me a lackey
     or say I'm crazy
to everybody—a nobody...?

If you could see inside me
or feel my worst hurts,
would you understand \why and how
my heart should burst?

And of course, this is all make believe,
imagination at it's height,
     but true life is another sort
     of his and her stories….

from our minds' eyes
to witness
to be told :  be realized.
And every tale has once come true:
man now
     flying, cloning,
          in rockets to the moon,

I'm sure my fiction will be
written soon, if not already
In that book...

what kind of mood
“He” must of had when craving
King & Koontz
the idea of me...
           (and “god” knows who)
scratching chin
his beard of white
in a bowl of crocodile tears,

playing pretend,
and silent night
with our living years...
Aug 7 · 64
What is a man?
Who shapes his words
                      His worth
Like the loudest shouting
Empty with meanings?
Manifesting a destiny...

Who is the man
We all look up to
When it is the Sun’s shine
The days arise.
How can a (running) man ?

And where in the dark pitch night
         Where men are blind
Even by their unkept
What is a man
But a caged bird?
Manifesting ...
Aug 6 · 145
We dapple our kisses
hot white Zinfandel

and like the blind groping for
doors, you open me,

longingly /  our warmth,
one hearth we coalesce.
Jul 27 · 140
My One Commandment
Un-parch and part our seas
of need
                             " Be True  "
All kisses kismet
For your being
In my motives, complex
And your presence resolute
Is like Moses to the mountain
Defiant to Pharaohs
To fleeing as they wail and wretch
       Dry reticent's / fake to make
Gilding what they deem
In themselves as golden truths
A society with no relief or boon
like swarms they only teem
with beauty in masquerade sand
still sly as any thief
With stealthy hands,

A house of cards
All ready for the fall
Weak in their deceits... Replete
Of teeth
and walls...

Build me instead no regret
No slaves / compelled or bade
But choice free to make
In devotion's open season  
Not entombed / embalmed / awe of death
Rather a heart in spades, life with breadth  
No commandments made  barricade
But our names reclaimed instead

No fear of darkness never-was
Alive even in death.
For we are freedom
We are loved  

A nest, a hut, a cave
A tower, skyscraper / a home
Our kiss in the shade
A Genesis
Resurrection roads
The Universe / all oceans of O
Lovingly we will wade

Again and again
sweet life's rhapsodies
and the rose...
again and again / our song
at the up-most

Understanding without anger or books
Conceding and agreeing
It is all good
This is us
And now in hush
Eyes beyond sight must
Open / See : the Empathy
questions keeping note
asking not acquiescently
In who's company?
Why,  by Love's infinite dynasty
Now know
No one is lost when already home  

Love is much stronger
Is further thrown
Than any tablet made of Stone.
                   " Be true "
And in this moment
Always not almost
                  Beloved soul …
Revised Repost
Jul 26 · 72
One Sunday Morning
      Y a w n.

How I adore our meanderings.
Mornings of misfits, nomads,
waking to the sturdy fur of you,
     pecks, abs, inner thigh
body heat...

The world outside feels absent,
your hardness
your breath
itching against yesterday's 5-o'clock

We breakfast on such sensations satin
A thousand thread count
sifting in grips of sheets
silken dunes of flesh creamy hues
soft mounds from our twist
tethered limbs
then opening those passages
with French kisses
     and humid licks
our lips like
camelback & cobra songs
to Sahara
where we worship obelisks
until slumber
has rendered us
              stardust and sphinx
mused and fused - our flesh again
in hymns
     this Sunday morning...

Less stealth of night but copious
is touch
         slithering undulations
         of parched needs
for us to swim in the hunger of its seas
Since sensing sensual stiffness
     your shifting
            your shaft
my blood collects
    to tighten what is mine within

When this grabs hold of us
like the blinding noon
we forgive
           that it is Sunday
mourn that I thirst for you.

Such thickets of urges
   juicy sweet confection / completion's
masculine deprivation
         half grin half flurry,
                     No worry
displacing thoughts of infection
secure in our relations...

Stretching with both my hands
behind me
        gripping with claws of the passionate
buttocks raised (waiting for rain)
as if to be seen & named
      by the gods' - creative breath and shame
           I yearn for your embrace
Heaven forgive me
for the heaven he gives me...

as though we were the firmaments
      sky without permission (or air rights)
to fly
and in our rhythmic trance
we become Spartans
(with our war cry)
One defeat
          Shriven as we're falling
One choice to leap.

                          Exhale Olympus
Fallen pillars' hush.

Good morning, Love
   a taste of how Nirvana feels
constellations and the heavenly
Eyes open to take in my world.

Reaching for you

if just briefly knowing
the whole truth...
Revised repost.
Jul 26 · 41
SVENGALI (acrostic)
Strides the stallion proud like so…
Visionary bright in Aviator shades
Each sunrise toward horizon muses
**** rudeness without excuses made
Gregarious salesman gravity xi fu,
A Boss Lady, Apple genius executive
List maker, name taker, the exclusive.
I still see you, a mr. Guru who hearts NYU….
Jul 20 · 119
Summer 2019
Turquoise reflections
Poolside on a clear day, cool
July Sky so blue.
Jul 19 · 350
Hunger & Thirst
Oh hollow Thirst!  

How it drowns out life's liquid scenes,

All treacherous memory now

It dries the tongue;

          When recollection swims with dire aches

          In the stomach lingering


          once oasis-providence:

the ease of us

sifting with the sand

Minutes limpid between caress.

Creation our chalice overflows

Quenching and in each other

Love for water

As the hours go touching vastnesses

To open us / one heavenly sky :

Illuminating you

Both assuage and succor...

But I am drought and man

          Flesh heavy / crawling through

         War's searing hills

         Chafed of what made me fearless . . .

         Once a Traveler discarding haste,

Still Thirsts for those palm trees’ shading moments

Still-pictures of bodies we felt

Still continuously feeling.

It is as though an affliction’s game

To wait

Between search and weaning

No swift elixir

I am just a bare tree leaning.

(praying for love's rain...)

This Thirst is deeper than remembering

The drink that once was Us.

.  .  .  .


I’m bathing in your adoration,

Nothing so sinful, or minuscule, as to need

Redemptive rinses of the spirit

When we were

As what we only knew how to be,

Ourselves yet together sharing feasts...

Which we lay out for each other

Ceremonious only through the unveiling,

Knowing how to trust in this (which is between us).

Oh How to feed that old hunger, I longed for you,

Love soft mornings dew on skin,

Like when we had the outdoors with our mischief, bodies

Attentive as the grass when we look within…

Those bright eyes that pierce me deeper now

Understanding / how my breath always quivers

With the slight tips of your tender fingers.

Wish makes the body famished and weakened,


The food from in between kiss and spark

Lovely of smiles that shares heaven’s glee,

In each other’s sensations, feeling the answer

Rather than being told to eat…

The Reveries of wines tasted, the lifting of all things

To a memory, yet not having the full course

Of dining with serenity, finding that destiny

Has yet to begin

When love was the race I was questioning,

Kindnesses were supposedly human,

While dreams came true with happy endings..?

Hunger can make the world seem cruel

When we give up on searching for meaning,

We ourselves make

The feast of All meals

with our believing …
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Jul 14 · 241
The Late Bloom
Remember the puppet that you were

who thought himself
a real boy
still only just a boy

like perusal of hate mail
        their postal telepathy
as though flipping through cellophane
photo albums of many nameless

distant / detached / races

Remember how you had
not known them then
                 floating on airs
ignorant  / clueless / willful
still constantly fair

like May flowers
in pebbled gardens

Yet this life / its tangled strings
Deep sea of trees
(tug & pulling)
with Geppetto's fermented footing
curious and nimble

that boy was
           agreeable to a fault

happy to oblige a fly
Try not to waste in thought

But something else
also had its gravity
(pride for tiger stripes)
taunt tainted trite
there within : an invisible string

to keep true
be mindful
be cool
(nimble thimbles cool)
Indian in steel cupboards
searching but not so...
High times
"you will know when you find it
you perpetual student"

open as pouring rain
always in awe of it
dismissive of the drowning
Empty can be pain
barely afloat in city-scapes

Boy refusing to grow up
who's dreams are tall
Inside a lotus
Cup of hands
              Lips waits to open
Brown Eyes
         like quiet ripples
Electric wings
A dragonfly on the pond
in our pebbled gardens.
Jul 13 · 56
After the preaching’s
Picking at the scabs
Of our guilt,
At week's end / day of rest;
Just when we almost had it
Bygone / Forgotten
From our minds...

           It's a kinder kin to amnesia
A softer fog of fugue,
A healing art of our brain farts,
Not soaking in shame's
Or stewing in self-helps.

"Deliver us!"      (bow down genuflect)

But then again
Here we are together to gather
Complacently listening
Absorbing every lash
Of the metaphorical whip,
To be guided back to good

Such sermons for the flawed
humans that we know
We are -- unworthy...
But willingly we suffer
The word.
Oh how to be just like
The lamb...

So now, afterwards, when we have been
Emotionally & verbally punctured
Full of hollow
We are holes unworthy
Of being
Made whole...
Or so, we've been told
"It is written."

Now then let us meet for
After King James harangues us
His version of fellowship,
Let us have verbal
******* with the word.
Perhaps over supping
Or during beer & NFL
Or some blood

Reminding us how
Weekends roar
And Life is
Worth more
Than the inner wars
We are ourselves

After the sermon,  
Let's have true verbal

(Without be getting a shred
Of guilt)
Jul 13 · 199
Buck Necked.
Buck necked,
Dreads hanging by a cat’s hair ball …
Buck necked,
She tells her moms
On my Obama phone, long distance
Welfare carriers
Pigeon messengers
Yelping life at her mama
On my cell

“They just be different here”
“Auntie, daughter-sister-niece”
With her best pal black
Making promises late birthday gifts
Buck necked
Didn’t even toe the pool water
Long distance in the Ladies’
At least a couple hours
On my Obama phone…

It’s definitely not about me
When hooting & hollering
Mad loudly
Urban jungle jive,
Who the hells this guy
Mr. Old boy push over
A ***
Patiently waiting
For her shower with black
White pizzle steam

Learning to speak up
If we are free
I choose to enjoy my experience
Not the type to be
Tugged on someone else’s leash
What little time We
Dismiss or
Fully embrace

“People just be so different here”

Hi I’m chop-liver, welcome to
My place,
Give me back my phone
Not feeling at all
At home.
Yet she’s buck necked.
Jul 13 · 141
You say you fly

I say you’re high

Don’t even try, you just a duckling

**** hide please hide the hoes

Making babies cry, your face don’t know

I say you’re high

When you glamorize ******* *******

Fugly mocking us - howdy **!

Don’t deny or say it’s fine

If we’re still ****** struggling,

For something kind in everything.

Feel so low from getting high

Broken system killing hope


like serious moonlight

Don’t ******* me and say nothing - no.

I still say you’re high fo ******>
**** Fugly mugs on drugs in everythang…

Why oh why

Speak Lie or Trust?

“That’s life”

Turns / to dust —words unintended

Don’t even try ... Then again …

****! You’s fugly.
Jul 13 · 60
Free Burma!
They cry turmoil thru my web-pages,
pages on pages of Tribunes and Suns and Times
and Quarterly

"Free Burma!"

it's all turkey and pig-latin to me,
just "dunno!"  like a dunce-capped miscreant,
inept ignorance

A kid
i wasn’t so great at geography then,
i got by before junior high.
Where-the-tarnished-nation is it?

"Free Burma!"

Notice the elephant in the room?
like a whale named *****
attempting to escape barricades
brothers of all of ours
engulfed in war
some ocean somewhere someone is dying;
notice that elephant in our laptops
ivory and blue tooth and i phones
telling me, showing us
to care
i do / want to
we should and we must

"Free Burma!"

will i need to donate a dollar,
two, three? will i receive
a correspondence
of a child i am saving
a face of a country
i'm ignorant to...
           will it's big sad puppy eyes be

i am no less as educated for not
following the strife of thousands
   my own is as heavy here as an orca's leap

"Free Burma!"

what cage, bear or mouse trap
have they gotten themselves
and ourselves into?
if it's anything like Yayo or Martha
i have a better "good thing" to do

but if it is
like famines in Africa,
Mendelson, or Tibetan Monks
on strike with kung-fu skills
i will join U2,
(and if she's aware) with Oprah power
(fist to fist)
"i will be a well of spring-water!"
and she a holy cow, a worshipped saint

"Free Burma!!"

free water
free of fear
free everyone, i pray,
under this sky
wipe away all tears

free you of your worries
free of all chains
free of mines
free of lies and borderlines.

Free to be
free to live and choose to see

A planet a place
A peace

"Free Burma!"

as one

For you, for me.
Jul 13 · 129
Tiniest of Tempests
So, grasshopper....
What is love / to someone who is complaining?

Screaming. Wailing /  Proudly prevailing / loudly Reprimanding
Or commanding Bounded feet
Shushing in rushing / Busiest with everyone else's business

Dumbfounded yet Enforcing.
Forcing / mindlessly
divorcing meaning?

Not knowing /  Rather assuming or presuming
To speak not for himself
Instead for us, lauding law, howling for god

What is it without making / any sense? /
Having no reason?
What is love if only a word /
Sung or graffiti tag on walls / Ave. 3rd / blurbs

So to speak / a word / whispers...
Write or read / Flat screen / one dimensional unexperienced /
Word up /  Another billboard's Loud propaganda
"Unt wonder-bar sinfully delicious"
You will OBEY
Says snickers /
Harangue of commands
The replete of a single word / repeat
On and on / carrying calm

And what is forever to an insect? With brief breath
Vampiric      Parasitic     Abuzz
Without purpose but swarm
Wasted waning /  Locust death Landscapes / we barely notice

Cherish just a starving word

So goes my question / Unanswered. Kept
distant. Unproven / underserved
The point is moot /
What is love  / To you?
Without proof Without life
What are eyes without the light ?
What is love if nothing /  If never born
A mind Emotes  /  oceans / swells /

Love ....
The tiniest of tempests
One thought becomes a storm
Felt Like dreams /  Stars for diamond tears
Energy in living form... now asking why / Are we here?
No doubt It is to know love
And so... What is a good word?    

Truth (the word of god)

So jump for joy, grasshopper...
Being loved is like being found.
Finally seeing the awe and the wonder.
The clarity of a mind's eye,
life is the dream the heart you must plunder.
the perfect time is now
because this is love, grasshopper
and we are the tempest and peace
the hearts who think...

This must be love
Thank goodness/  for everything….
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Jul 13 · 226
It has taken too many
Years of broken
Beer bottles
Pictures frames on the mantle
And promises to not notice

Mr. Glass is now belching
Mumbling songs off-key
In the kitchen
By the sink and Fridgidaire
To the soundtracks of John Lennon's
Lemonade love songs
Hitching a ride on Cat's peace train
Or manic for the Beatles
(British Invasion on vinyl)
He has lost his collections
Soaked and ruined
From a flood aboard his battle ship
He reminisces like this
Or as a mud person hippy youth
At Woodstock

Even when tucking himself in
My barely and not legal sized bed
Naked, laying with He-man themed sheets
And grumpy bear blue
On my pillow,

I wake to find him
Native and fetal
I am too keen to sleepwalk
So I pretend to
Toward the living room couch
Just the right size
For my eleven year old height.
I don't mind sleeping on the couch,
would rather not get soaked
In Mr. Glass' yellow
Miller time dreamscapes
It would be easy
To blame me, the kid, for bed wetting
After every twelve pack
Every couple of hours,
******* in the sinks, slowly
Losing his six pack
And or his composure
To tell tales, tall stories
To hear reasons why the cat
Ran away with the spoon
The nostalgia of his
Man on the moon...

Mr. Petty officer (1st class 2nd 3rd)
Has rarely lost his stomach
No stink of *****
Or pools of shrink and scram
Marinated in Coors and Budweiser
Weimereiner mountain man
Has his virtues
Or is it a skill?
Mr. Glass keeps it all in
And rocks my sleep
Half dozing to be fulfilled
I am those nights, nervous
Wreck and awake

Even as he breaks
Down nostalgic in his weeping
My ears become selective
Hugging my pillow
Listening for his fumbling
As he sways and crashes in my room
A clumsy beanstalk
Head in the cloud kingdom
Fe Fy fo falling

Well, it's just the broken harp
No golden eggshells
But porcelain mosaics
Beer cans and wishes
Echoes slurring deep in the well
When he snores
I migrate my mind
Away from his hell
I shrug in silence
To its frequent scenes
Yet in the morning
We both slept pretty well
As far as I can tell
From my father figure

All is
So seems
And he means


Oh well.
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Jul 13 · 40
The impetus
                     Of being
Always on the run
               Through pinwheel eyes
                              Those standing by
                                          The mystic roadway :    River
Blue yet to be brushed
                      or in blush
                           Of evening chill's breathing
canvas-like windows dreaming felt
All mindful
And chockfull O'
Then ponder
                Yonder "window breaks"
                         Past the wilderness' sleep
Bone heavy wood
                             Umber earth

                             Past whoosh and rush of liquid
Folding on itself / a soundtrack

      Listen now
      Pedestrian be

Mindful of the cautionary whales
                                               Old Ahab’s yell
                                   Or loathing.

If one is drowning in one's sleep
Look wildly
                                    Down river  
Or up there beyond finger's point
                      Sidewinder snake journeys
Until sky and below it
All meet

The distance
        Now only a line
                 Coalescing what is beyond
                      Our ability to see
Far and away
                     Ever after      
                             River.     Life.
We are proud and
     The free spirit is fluent
           With the rapid rivers loud
                            Always on the run
Currents like a child's curiosity ...
How then,
When or why
                        does it end ?
Where do we go?
Like most things existing,
           Will lead to the high art /
love's deep oceans...
We often forget to seek
                              And mind
                                     the sublimations/
                                                            d¬¬rift wood.
Let’s then
Begin with a dot .
A speck of dusk
                     bursts of light
                                        A starry sky,
pieces to mastery

                   Raging fragility of waters’
Unctuous undulations
                    Folding itself in volumes
Or falling from on high
       A droplet cry !

Then flash of lightning
                   (crash or bloom)
From the heavens
                                 like electric rivers
So brilliantly

Where do we go
With those under toes
       There and here / underfoot /
                   Over north / southern sleep
                                   To oceans twilight deep?
Go wrapped or map-less
Or no.
       Up yonder
There up there
                    All without fear...

My heart like the river yearns
                 To go toward the sun
                       A flow /
                                     the beating drum
Always on the run
Jul 13 · 49
Like Ahab On Moby Dick
Epic… currents from a frozen heart,
tales, obsessions
A wrenching, unfreezing fist
raising sails
     molten summits of emotions

To know one’s own deepnesses
One’s own submariner seas
How to breathe in it:

     Darker trenches / squalls / the uncharted
Abysses alien to airy rowan cliffs and breeze
The cold of it lacking breath

Tho' Open sky, song of suns
Warms the flesh of its perception's anchor
The Brine
From icebergs of inexperience
To thirsts quenched
As Droplets
     Borne from glaciers
     Dancing ice,

Worlds, mine
     Like ships in the night
     Silhouettes in passing
Upon romancing
     Skyline starlit moon
For the shadows since
Denied / the doubtful fall
These journeys now I choose to suffer

Thaws all such
In winters’ noose
And from loss of strength
Such hearts
No longer sharing
    Meiosis breaths
    or sail on the truths
Accompanies no one there…

Now singing sirocco
Aye aye captain
Across the vast places
     Frozen with no names
     And arctic without blame,
     Map-less voyages of
Ahoy, Sir Loneliness!
To Desolation go—
   A life cage,
If mine
     On Tundra of time

My unfreezing
By simple choice, sublime

Captain kid again, all mine
Joy the light
Truth my life

My whale of a ride
Deadliest to kiss,
From deep seas or coral reefs,
Bright colorful fish.
Jul 8 · 53
Cuttlefish (Senryu)
Oceans emotions
Skin dances illumine speech.
Body says it all.
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