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2d · 14
Stained Glass
Broken pieces make
the cathedral of your soul.
Stained Light still shines through.
2d · 20
“How Divine! Such Grace!”
The Word cannot embody,
Ballet when God speaks.
3d · 26
Lotus Flower
Blossom of Morning:
floral crown on tranquil pond;
She walks on water.
Revised. Final. Senryu.
4d · 76
I’m the old man, and the sea is the blank page before me, journeyless Journal, a so-called life to script, “Dear diary I’m the ****...”
    Oh how shall I drown in the words beloved, absolute the depth, the breadth of one’s soul. It’s Worth... While men die never to capture immortality, legends rise while spoken as freely upon the wind, the worthwhile songs some weep to feel how the greatest love feels ...
        Life .  Like an old man upon that sea, drowning to know love. (god)

Oct 15 · 43
Meteor Shower
Date night & starlight,
as we caress the hours
streaks across the sky.
Oct 15 · 50
Play the long game to have deeper meaning
To live fully being human being
This mortality of flesh & feelings
To truly see
Your life
Without Doubt
Love is what life is about...
Oct 3 · 42
PANACHE (acrostic)
Peacocking with Carnivalesque gyrations in leather
A machismo macho man fearless in boa feathers
Nubian jazz queen’s big Afro up doo, her nails did too.
Alpine foxy ski the white slopes bundled in chinchilla minks.
Charisma as vibrant as its dance, birds of New Guinea...
Hubristic fandango of Saturday night club kids
Eschewing their walk of shame, stained taints of train wrecks...
Oct 3 · 19
If worship is to Love,
As *** is to Lust
Why has church on Sunday
Become whispers of vespers
Fear mongered full of
If Love is to worship,
Who do you love enough
To die for?
*** is to lust as
Coffin is to a graveyard pit
Love is worship don’t get it twisted
Hail Mary hallelujahs
Praise no over lord
Your soul...?
Live a good life.
Oct 1 · 41
O Crescent Moon
O Crescent Moon

In the heights of Midnight

So bright, so still

Across the night sky

As daylight and forests burn

On the other side,

While here I am on Earth

Gazing up tonight

“Beautiful” I cry

A drowsy eye shines!

O Crescent Moon!

Do you see my love in the dark?

So still across the stars...
Sep 24 · 34
Las Vegas (1999)
Among these godly spires:

Hot streets that gleam
tourists from afar
pockets romancing
neon ***** and slots

our tables laid out to serve them
sliding doors and rollercoasters,
they are all ours

i dwell in its butterfly wings

with others who have stood
the fat rain and desert hail
in spring time
Crackling skeletal skeins
of lightning

Oh life, i am on-watcher...
blind from the sights,

sleep stealing summers
heat so disfiguring,
no longer listening
to cassettes in the car
melted like Dali art

the sun is a horrible comedian...
our winters are kite killing
my nose feels as if locked
by Samsonite
Winds wailing below freezing…

Among these lit boxes
copy cats and volcanic hopes
through trials and tides
of creative construction of yore
most still stand *****

gambling on dreams
on days unkind, here i am
being pitied
a unicorn

losing / winded / coming out un-even
alive tho trying
to enjoy / her
admirable rivers of new
peoples and foods
fire-breathing signs
she has many stories up
her evening skin
with silver teeth

while i am young
she flashes me
glowing candies...

Las Vegas

is my Grease-Lightning
and seductive Sandy.
Sep 24 · 51
Things (#3)
Idle mind ponders
On times wasted, how our hands
Like devil’s playthings.
Sep 24 · 29
Soylent Green
These names of prey
In “His Name” they pray
Men name
The products on the shelf
Hot dog / Burgers
Bacon / obits.
Illegal hacks
Wet backs
We the people matters
Of lives
Chinks and Blacks
The ***** stacked
The Street Meat
The Addicts
Shopaholics Alcoholism
The names of prey
We, the products, on the shelf.
Sep 24 · 28
Like Ahab on Moby Dick
Epic… currents from a frozen heart,
tales, obsessions
A wrenching, unfreezing fist
raising sails
Like molten summits of emotions

To know one's own deepnesses
One's own submariner seas
How to breathe in it:

Darker trenches / squalls / the uncharted
Abysses alien to airy rowan cliffs and breeze
The cold of it lacking breath

Tho' Open sky, song of suns
Warms the flesh of its perception's anchor

The Brine

From icebergs of inexperience
To thirsts quenched
As Droplets
Borne from glaciers
Dancing ice

Worlds, mine
Like ships in the night
Silhouettes in passing
Upon romancing
Skyline starlit moon
For the shadows since denied
The doubtful fall
These journeys now I choose to suffer

Thaws all such icy
In winters' noose
And from loss of strength
Sojourn hearts
No longer sharing
Meiosis breaths
or sail upon the truth

No one there—

Now singing sirocco
Aye aye captain!

Across the vast places
Frozen with no names
And arctic with none to blame
Map-less voyages of
Ahoy, Sir Loneliness!
To Desolation, go—

A life cage,
If mine
On Tundra of time


My own unfreezing
By simple choice, sublime.
Captain kid again, all mine
Joy the light
Truth my life

My whale of a ride
Repost edit.
Poetry is
Writing what all we felt
When the heart is asked
To translate.

Poetry is
Made malleable
Through the eyes
Which behold beauty.
Poetry is Life,
The love of life, malleable.
Poetry is meant to be
Touched by
To be moved by
(and with)

Poetry is
A song of words
A dance of exuberant emotions
A Grace
       Full of gracious
(a)  Lover's kiss.

Poetry is
Jump for joy and stabs of sorrow
Sculptor Singing Sepulchers
Molding nights & days
A mash up
Into one and the same
Something brand new
Of / For / To  - You
True blue or Red hot stuff
We lie to believe in
Something better / New
Flower Love Child
You had better
Best believe
Poetry is

It's not what you're looking at,
But what is seen.
What you see / what you feel
In the zeal of heart's appeal
A beautiful up-lifting
To artistic heights

Poetry is
Mortality made miraculous
Charisma and magic
Choreography of verb / Oh's Of nouns
All the world - a profundity
Of Our lives
Whether lost or found

The Love letters / in red envelopes
Your heart
Crowd surfing
Amongst the herd;
Blossom bouquets of passions
Poetry is

The quietude and secrets
In the shade
In a home, a warmth made
Or an ode to a glade,
For the night
Of the empty souls'

Poetry is...
Your bleeding heart
Shining bright
Your Grace
An invisible light
Only to be seen
By knowing
One's true

Poetry is
A Painting
Of Love's loud moments...
It's not what you gawk at,
But what is gleaned.

Poetry is...
Sep 22 · 42
After the preaching’s
Picking at the scabs
Of our guilt,
At week's end / day of rest;
Just when we almost had it
Bygone / Forgotten
From our minds
           It's a kinder kin to amnesia
A softer fog of fugue,
A healing art of our brain farts,
Not soaking in shame's
Or stewing in self-helps.
"Deliver us!"      (bow down genuflect)

But then again
Here we are together to gather
Complacently listening
Absorbing every lash
Of the metaphorical whip,
To be guided back to good
Such sermons for the flawed
humans that we know
We are -- unworthy...
But willingly we suffer
The word.
Oh how to be just like
The lamb...

So now, afterwards, when we have been
Emotionally & verbally punctured
Full of hollow
We are holes unworthy
Of being
Made whole...
Or so, we've been told
"It is written."

Now then let us meet for
After King James harangues us
His version of fellowship,
Let us have verbal
******* with the word.
Perhaps over supping
Or during beer & NFL
Or some blood
Reminding us how
Weekends roar
And Life is
Worth more
Than the inner wars
We are ourselves

After the sermon,  
Let's have true verbal
(Without be-getting a shred
Of guilt).
Sep 22 · 58
Falling Leaves
Caducous leaf from the face
Of the great oak woods
Who’s breadth is our breath, green

One moment turns seasons
To barren earth, deplete by droplets
Tears after deluged prayers
Each word a falling leaf
Followed by many Caduceus’
White sheep of Scientology,
Wealthier by way of grief...

Caducous abacus quantifiable belief
Rather than mana
Dead presidents in the baskets
Sidewinding through the pews
Cadences of inner truths
Suits in caskets...

Whispering confessions tenfold
Asking for forgiveness, pay the toll,
Ulysses, Lee in the Collection till
Caducous, go, Atticus
Abacus masses, California fires,
They believe in another green

The falling leaves empires
Made it rain, “precious” is on stage.

Before reaching spring
Steel our heaving
Barren winters still
Landscape without Breathing
Plant your seed
A Caducous Leaf
In August

Moments Afire
The length of love
Infinite among The stars
We mortals
In our Dark...

Too soon to sleep
We falling leaves
Whose breath is green...
Sep 22 · 35
Icarus Kush
Get on with your Bad self

Go on with your Hustle

Into the bustle

And the gristle



Grizzly world...

Go 'head find and get that paper

Let your greenback wings unfurl

Telling you who to be


So dapper...

Go Rise above

But still only talking

'Bout what don't matter,

The Unfathomable

Kind of Love.

Still wrapping

The turkey in a noose

Letting bullets loose

For hundred dollar shoes


Shoot sure 'nuf!

Time to wake up / this close to the Sun

Waxin' & Flossin'

Ill prepared to Rise above

Pretending to exude

The same kind

Of Love...


Go'ne now...

You Dawg you - A "g"

N-word y'heard in Everythang

We trust

Go'ne muss it up!

I just must know

(My boo)

Didn't you?

Give the World

This Life

Much Love?

Fire in the sky... Fallen

Too high

At dusk.

Gone to fly into the eye...

Sep 20 · 33
Beach city by the cool sea
not so easy city
not too busy, too ******, or greasy city

to take off
your shirt
to feel the breezy city.
Where I am
curiously lost in,
excitably exploring eagerly
Asphalt-hard city  
different from my boyhood memory,

It’s not so scary-big city,
Was a great place to grow-up
kind of city
open roads for bike rides
on my schwinn,
A safe suburban city
By the sea,

A successfully savvy
sophisticated city
evolved from understanding
Downtowns Pity
the fools illegally crossed,
O’er border walls, while
Chaps are diggy
In the Navy city,

A city of girls who can be
as manly and boys are as
pretty, gritty
city / of individuality
like a quirky
cousin, *****,
A brotha, niece
with Cali.-valley speak! city.

There’s so much i want to see,
learn and believe in
this lush green city,
i am a long lost twin city
just a baby,
friendly city, ******* your full *****

care for me daily,
wish me luck a lotto city,
even in my muck and ****** ditties,
unconditionally cradling me
with love
this LEGO city
In crisp morning fog,
Tour sea world and the Zoo,
Old town wanderlust
While Carmen’s on the trolley.

San Diego by the sea,
I Heart you
in my blood,
this city by the beach
This city
that I love...
Sep 20 · 32
A Buster is busted.

Figuratively disfigured

Mayhap way he speak?

Not just slow

Cuz he got flow

Figured out the Hustle

Keeps on and on and on and...

"This **** Life—brothas Broke!"

Sweet Swisher Blunts

Swish and stunted swoosh

Jumping hoops

(For who?)

Busters are Busted.

Vigorously. Voraciously.    

(Or rock-steady Kool)

And the gangs’

Got gats & silks

Tommy-guns Polishing

(Head like a hole...)

Our whips.

Our babies.

Our Peeps

The War / The Streets

The Word itself, asleep...

Sweet Tea at the ready!

They're thirsty in

Sep 20 · 34
Hooker Heels
Streetwalker quickstep
In knee highs
Click clack tap tap
On the fly
Her cacophony echoes
Down the night’s hollow alley
Cat caught by black
Hurry on in
That pimped out coffin
Sep 19 · 21
You say you fly

I say you’re high

Don’t even try, you just a duckling

Ugly hide please hide the **’s

Making babies cry, your face don’t know

I say you’re high

When you glamorize mass ******

school shootings

No coming back from this yo!

Acting hard to hide you / fearful

Child these dem streets, Tho’ tearful

Flabbergasted master faker, on the DL

Fugly mocking us - howdy **!

Don’t deny or say it’s fine, bro

If we’re still ****** struggling,

For something kind in everything.

Feel so low from getting high, a muggle ill

Broken system kills

All low or high hopes

Softly Or loud Apollo from The ghetto

like A show Of shadows hunted, marked

Blank tags on toes.

On New moon nights we're all dark,

But what about your heart?

Got soul, but lactose intolerant.

Hollering beauty Within feel not seen

dim lit neath twilight glow...

Don’t ******* me and say nothing - no.

I still say you’re high fo sho.

“**** Fugly mugs on drugs and everythang…“

Why oh why

Speak /Lie / or Trust?

“That’s life” Sang old blue eyes.

To Vegas or bust...

Don’t cry / **** / do or don’t

Then again ... (Pop pop pop! Goes the cop)


(You’s All ****

Means War Fosho..
I am beatnik
*** poem 7. Gorilla Goo...
Sep 19 · 48
A Sunday Morning
Y a w n.
How I adore our meanderings.

A Morning of misfits

Love waking to the sturdy fur of you,

Sac, pecks, abs, inner thighs,
unclad body heat.

Tho' the world outside feels absent,
your hardness
your breath
Is present
Against yesterday's 5-o'clock

We breakfast on such sensations satin
thousand count threads
sifting and gripping sheets
creating silken
dunes of flesh creamy hues
soft mounds our twist
tethered limbs
then opening passages with kisses
and humid licks
our lips:
camelback & cobra songs
to Sahara
where we worship obelisks
until slumber
has rendered us
stardust and sphinx
Amused and fused our flesh
in hymns
this Sunday morning

I am
Stretching with both my hands
behind me
buttocks raised (waiting for rain)
as if to be seen & named
one creative breath
Sunday's schooling shame,
yearning for his embrace...

Heaven forgive me
for the heaven he gives me...
Exhale Olympus
Our Fallen pillars
Good morning, Love
I am

Eyes open wide
Reaching out
Behind me
Reaching out for you
(Inside me)
if only briefly
the whole **** Truth…

(How I adored our meandering.)
Sep 19 · 29
Poor Mrs. Sincere Lee
Stares longingly at a frame
Gilded gold and empty
On her wall
Once a portrait of her younger face
If only her wane and fading
Mind beneath her thin thin crown
Of silver white,
Could she remember
If she could only resite
Brush stroke memory
Back to life

Since thoughts have drowned
In misty loss
Her youth and summer gowns
Gone to distant shores
From regretful ocean of forgotten
Melting days before
Like Salvatore Dali clocks mocking
Time in dreamy lacquer.
Her emotions turned against her,
Enemies at the door,
Draining the vivid Now demurer
Most recollections are merely
Half together sewn no fervor,
But Waves of ups and downs
Cast away in an album of
Forlorn, her own war
Old timers Alzheimer
Fading to devoured
Mindless hours staring
As colors fade to
Frailty to
Darkly / But only a black
Black door...

She recalls her own demure lil curtsy
She was as loyal as a pet rock,
Still she stares at the blank canvas
Rather than the dawn on the dock
Frozen in the lack
Of having not known nor found
More than this
Silent dame of down,
With more to her than some
Husband's name
Mrs. Sincere Lee in her pink
Can only stare not at the painting
But it’s decaying frame…

With a thinning crown
Of silver white
Of wish of need of crave
The days without an empty canvas
Or her sentence
of self blame
Time is leaving her
Frozen In such hollow canvases
Not angry but a foggy haze
And a wrinkled touch of

The trenchant ocean
Burns with out a flame.
Truth is a light
Love guides your way.
Forget me not
She says, to the ocean
Why stay...?
Sep 19 · 19

I am mourning before the dawn
crumpled bedspread sheets
a hollow space
where comfort once found
your slumber deep,
I find an echo
of your breath
as my tears interrupt
a yawn / a stretch

while trust feels like a home
a **** save for the flesh...

I am a trail of moisture
upon the cheeks, the searching
throughout a graveyard home
yielding empty halls,
of no fruition / a tomb;

I am the ache within
My harsh and sordid
imagination / disambiguations
To thoughts of you
in someone else's fever
a slicing cut that opens
and equals that pain

unleashing avalanche of blood
but it's only a crimson thought
which floods...
again & again...

I’m in that home now unkempt
the dust on portraits
in sepia-gloom...
there’s a sound of bare feet
on hardened wooden floor

In a saloon
lacking conversations
without a care taken
of why / from where / or whom

I once was strength
which wanes
Like the more waves punch
the cliff and shore,
as my reserves begin to drain
I collapse into bed
On pillow, lay...

I am the hope which wants
what lived before
My death-cries / beg & pray
to only stay
alive yet
dying in these
sobs of promises that fray

Like ghostly dust
In daylight skeins
I am a tomorrow
of love yet made

inept at finding any trust
I have been blind told to
            (My iron will
              To rust.)
I am alone
since gone are all
    our yesterdays
Since you romance your secrets
with sexcapades,
(grinders found in spades)

I am the hush that must escape
never getting to know
the calligraphy & colors,
all facets of love's
very face,

I am a violin
from some distant space,
far and away
a wish
a yearning...
To display / my tears out loud
and loudly dying

Asking kindly
Love me

if only
for the sake of just today
for I am
          for I am the light
at night

Sep 19 · 17
Untitled Pieces 2.
Kismet weaves itself among the lovelorn fevers

Across the divide of pedestrian Concrete rivers

Mute concerns of romance drowning in crowded ******

Asphyxiated hopes regurgitated Worshipping...

     Solace now a missing person on the milk carton
     Wrought with wish or promises by kept patrons

     The teeming of empty kin, lies white in the eyes

     Restlessly the hatred settles like dust, sins silently cry

Inside the place we should hold true

Is as absolute as the days the ****** rue.

In the pit of our shame, emptiness that hurts and mutes

A hell they can preview: the nothing they fall Into....
Sep 19 · 28
Social Distancing.

Can’t be social being six feet apart,
To be social, one can’t be so distant....
Sep 19 · 56
At times I need to glance at this.
When you’re gone, I'll think fondly of
all the summers in your smile,
you’re just so beautiful here.

And now as I look ahead
at the times I'll again need
to rout the insufficient days without you
my eyes will fall on this

fraying at the edges.
An old glossy paper memory
kept perfect, still —your smile,
that's mine. I’ll hold it near & dear

with me.
without you…
Sep 11 · 69
In the silence of our melancholy,
all presence stands still
So still that you begin to believe
you can’t move your limbs,
spilling your body onto the floor, given up.
In the silence of our sadnesses.
Sep 11 · 27
Untitled Pieces 1.
**** androgynous
‘‘Twas both the feminine’s mister
‘‘Twas our senses all a fuss
**** together the both of us
Music whispers
Kiss. HersHis Fin the kid.
**** what been did.
Love androgynously.

(Piece at Peace.).  I am Beatnik.
Sep 11 · 67
The lovely daisies
in a row on window sill,
look Up at the sun.
Sep 8 · 68
The Lonely Man’s grave
at the bottom of the hill,
“pushing up Daisies.”
Sep 7 · 27
Shelter (Senryu)
Homeless, out of Luck,
Sleeps under a bus stop bench,
Snoring as it rains.
Again—again, swift friend
To our end, again…
We commune to the late dark night,
to suspender tunes, a fool’s distractions
made of bubbling mighty
in silver streaks
forgetful of our lives’ brilliant signs
Not meek of Right,
Left to respite  & deign.

But that life style
with its surround sound slapping:
steel-hard flesh colliding whilst
a wolf’s eye inside widening to
**** full moons, moons
so pale, too soon to rise…

Again—again, we failing friends
Tribune to these piercing
screams,  shouts of only instincts,
again—just stiff, obtuse sticks
instructed by our wilderness’

For not to feel or heavy think,
Its common sense,  so stuff it hard
lick and **** it to submission
until it’s gone—happy—endings:

dispensing wars at the Mission,
eagerness of eagles’ energies
Or in Xanax-shaped tears
melting memories from Rx,
Dine in beads of suffered sweat
Upon your forehead, a mark of X,

Naught to forget…

Again—again, we ravens,
crazed friends from paper cups
sup’ nesting cockholds
syringe-able suspensions’ luck
again—and somehow
through the groin’s gruff
and guile of drug-induced *****…

Again—again, commenced
Love-lost ***-lust
we forget to “be”

again if only friends amok
our eyes off to the shadows, flee
on walls written on bedroom showers
greasy with gristle
and regretful towers
powerful stink whilst spits

Again—again, tell that friend
Without refusing
us again, our spinning life
begin again—we clones commune
to the late late nights
numbing the looming doom
our wool’s worth & boon.
Libra scales and afterlife
Oh the tithes which bite

To the Lateness of darkest Night.
Revised final.edit.
Sep 4 · 67
Serpent’s Tail
The serpent will eat it’s tail
Let’s see who lives to tell
The tapestry swallowed befell
Worship like a wish in the well,
Hollow echoes hell’s farewell.
Time ends without eyes beheld
Light unseen love life to sell
Humanity upon the serpent’s tail
Let’s see who lives to tell.
Here’s hoping all hearts compelled
For there’s a crack on Liberty’s Bell.
Oh mother ******* well, oh well...
All hail to dead mother *******
All hail!
Sep 4 · 52
FILIPINAS (acrostic)
Families poor, most are quite similar,
Island girls, fish out of water, to be delivered
Looking for saviors at continental breakfasts,
Illegitimate legacies off shore, sailors deny guiltless.
Pining mothers turn mail order brides,
Instant family in the land of Milk and Flies,
Nearly always end in divorce, of course the poor stay
At the poverty line, it’s the great divide, unpaid debt.
Still, a third world country our mothers can’t forget...
When the word Filipinas is used, to signify both people and country as one. Salamat po Akong Filipinas! Cannot have a country without its people, or a people without a country. World Peace Now!
Sep 3 · 28
Admonish Myself
I admonish myself

Must devise a plan
It takes steps to move forward
It is said
One foot in front of the other
And at the end
Of my rope,
All I can muster is hope,
Wish like prayer
The words do nothing.
I can only save myself
And my soul is something
My Goldmine to protect.
But god how I thirst !
For a breath of true,
A life of worth.
At the end of my rope

I admonish myself.

(I hope)
Sep 2 · 23
Cracker’s Frack
Crackers Fracking barrels
Where family eats
Got diabetic farming gasoline
It’s a franchise made
To give disorders
The Web did not free all men
It’s global gone viral
World wide sky net
Complaining to the same machine mean
They will not listen
Crackers Fracking barrels
Don’t **** where
We sleep
When we close our eyes
What is seen inside
Inner void
Stuck on black
Not so easy
Sunday mornings  Faceless nation
Of unreal politics’
Scapegoat housewives :
Mothers once beloved, Those olden days
Parasols in the sun :
Spin doctoring our lives...
Crackers Fracking our lungs :
Deforestation asphyxiations,
Marching drums...

(World Peace Now !)
Consider it / Art
Upon a different kind of canvas.
Paint colorful the words
That weep brushstrokes
A masterpiece of you so true.

Let your words flow
Your virtual canvas imbued
With learned mind aglow.
A light tower on the Hill
Picturesque poems
Low and On the down
Low and behold
The rhyme of stone willed.
Still Art / life / on canvas
Of a different kind...
Paint colorful the words.

Yours is a tapestry.
Grapes ripe on the vine.
Be the Art
flowing like wines,
Drowning in the emotions.
Oh poetry.

Never cease the heart
Live loud your Love
an act & the Art.
You are
Sep 1 · 27
Wow (acrostic)
Wonderstruck by amazing feats,;
Oh my goodnesses, outrageously.
What a ******* mess!
Sep 1 · 28
The River, Ubiquitous
Ubiquitous like the River,
Running yet stands still
From higher climbs, rapids spill
To the ocean, then sky delivered home,

Life is like the river, ubiquitous
Ride the flow and bends, hurt and mend
The dips and turns, calms and storms
The changes ever shifting, like growth,

Like you Unquenched, wanting more
To your own life, a nothing,  ***** in glamor...
Never can ride the river twice
Each time it’s new and yet, in hindsight

Thirst stays the same, life like
The deeps with rogue wave Tsunami
A thing in two places at once
Life here then gone / Kamikaze

Elsewhere after / Let us run like
The River, ubiquitously.
The soul is a river, running to the deeps...
To sweet home’s perfection. Absolutely,
At peace.
Body Language

Curiosity Speak!—your mind,
And answer me this…
What is beauty unseen? What’s beautiful to the blind?
In a dark space nil
Of light, what’s beautiful to eyes
Without / in /  sight...

Maybe something like a kiss.
Like being naked in an embrace,
sweat-wet in afterglow bliss
All afternoon helping hands.
Something like summer’s falling
rain upon your face,
Like toes in the cool sand,
Youth’s flavorful heatwaves
Summertime friends.

So, What’s beautiful
Even in the fog, perhaps a Taste ?
whether it’s his or hers,
Sun, moon, and stars burst
from a far far distance
Can’t mistake race for face
Or the color of sin,
Your skin when blushing
After then again
You and I
Another in another.
“Yes oh my god yes!”
That color of afterglow when
Making love
maybe that’s
what’s up…

Mr. Sentimental
Perhaps luck, as a gift,
Could be nice
Like on birthdays!
Presents to the blind, still only boxes
Can’t they see, how sadly funny,
The pity of
Beautiful company, Drunken happy songs,
A puppy in ribbons!
Your new Seeing Eye Dog.
A warm fireplace,  crackling of the logs,
Music from the tele…
holiday sing alongs,
With full bellies…

Mother’s sounds in the kitchen,
Whinging and *******’
Whipping up her onion soup.
Memories though maybe loud
Ugly proud
They’re beautiful too,
Recollecting the times, remembering
Without a view, the bright
Sunny days, long dawns,
Beautiful like…
Hot &  Sweet
The Mesquite tang of barbecue
Get togethers.
The laughter of Gays.
Getting lost in a kiss.
That’s all  beautiful and good
but to the ignorant without mind
Remiss of eyes inside,
where soul alights as it should,
Like love

In the hood, pop up chop shops,
Morning glory ****** wood,
Wands as hands make wish as
Eager, reading Braille, this
Is it grace in haste,
Is it bliss?

Like being embraced. Wanted.
Weeping deeply wanton, be
for a simple feeling,
Like Life.
In a blink
Your eyes, depths of it, inside
That’s what’s

Like touching, shuddering,
Inside the shape of ****
Another in another
Once again.
Blind/ Life—beautiful,
That’s what’s up
—your boo, that’s who,
Trust not lust
That’s what’s up! It’s true.
Eyes closed, in the dark,
Feel your way through.
Naked, Making love,
To the blind—that’s

what’s up
Wanna ****?

Blind and naked
Beautiful body Language..
One in another making
Love more than one
Two or more is just plain selfish.
The only one
Aug 24 · 59
I bet you got some.
Some real life crazy-****
The honest happenings of you
Some sort of neighbor, stranger
Mouse tell us about your maze
Or the cheese at the end
Was it a breeze to go fig, what then?
*******/ go Blow down
like some straw house
Built by some smart pigs,
Squeal speaking high pitched
Bacon and the digs, have tea
Before feeding the Wolf,
Full of Hungering maledictions,
Tell a story that won’t bore,
For silence given,
I’ll lose the bet, for sure.

Imagination oftentimes must color
Our day to day
The COVID Threat still news
Distract us, hold our gaze
You fool, sing or prance,
Dance In
The blaze of glory
The story of raising hell /Crazy Life ****
we Truth and dare,
Live to tell, learn to care.
What’s your story?
O Do tell...
Aug 23 · 46
Medieval Cheers, b.c.
A Barbarian and a poet meet at a Bar
One who romances, one who cries for war,
Surreptitiously by chance encounter
Drunk Heine’s kicked out by Bouncer.

The big galute of a brute amused,
Turns to the poet
“How can flowery rhymes or such Lovers’ words
Ever defend against a hoard at the door
hell bent on ******?”

The poet barely shrugs saying:
“Why ask a poet who longs for kisses
From prospective lovers,
who can’t defeat his own heart
Or gain favor, Wishing cops stop Shooting,
the Streetwalkers —Carry on home.
Alas alone When we all depart…”

The Barbarian is snickering,
a guttural “Eh heh heh, ha ha…”
Poet without a crowd
Continues speaking but all the more
Loudly out loud.

“Oh my Frenemy!  The War!—it’s not
to win in games of Men,
Become a king, be worthy of your Ken and
kingdom, the people...
   In life’s journey find yourself, perhaps
On another’s lips, in eyes—longingly looking at
Finally being Seen.”

(Dead air’s awkward silence.)

“Hey ****
What’s the difference between
a barbarian’s plunder &
a Poet’s passing Fame?

(The big Lug only shrugs.)

“Shakespeare is known by Name.”

“Now, Who the **** are you?”
Comments welcome.
Aug 23 · 81
Vamoose! / acrostic
Viper-whisper utterance,
A Psst! Past Bedtime, hey!
Monster under the Bed, ******!
Or are you in the closet?
Or just a figment in my head?
Shoo! Scram! Snake and shadows!
Every Fear, Darkness grows, I will let go.

Poetry is finding beauty
Even among the broken,
To speak your thoughts amusing
Writing down the words like music
Feeling token kinship, one life one love
Poetry is flow, your heart’s beating drums,
How far your river runs.
Poetry is a home in the Sun.
Aug 19 · 65
Upon A Time, Once
Once upon a time, since upon the earth, creation:
Bright flash of lightning, inflagrations,
When Life was chaste and newly born
Upon all the face of the world
The fertile fields and skies
The oceans of flora and bluest seas
And shores bursting with life.
All the beasts they yield, the fish and grapes
Crushed by men to wines
The winged things in flight, the schools which swim,
Leaves that spring and blossom
creativity, divine.
Life Thirsts / Love Dies
In flesh and bone no cherubic clouds,
But husks of chrysalis, olden days‘ thunder roads.
Tears upon the face
In the Eye.
Upon a time, Once
The light of love’s divine creation :
At dusk
Spontaneously combust.
We are made from stuff of Stars.
In the Light of Truth I trust,
though the shell returns to dust,
Light travels the infinite, opening the dark...
Little stars that freckle the face of The Universe.
Aug 19 · 32
To this plasticity,

Grey matter in a nimbus
Mind as infinitely hollow as
A galaxy or dungeon deep dream
Lost to the starlight oblivion

Of distances we place
In the familiar / fealty with our touch,
Our human gravitas,
Spirit and superstitious will,
Heavy by testaments, those old teachings still...

And yes, war has been our
And like the parents that we are
In these days, digital,
We are unwilling to accept the prognosis

Nothing more can be
Poured into a vessel,
Nothing more can be fed into the flame,

If ash and black
Lift into the sky…
It will be alien

To even try to
Resurrect another age.
When there is no warmth or
Use for light
It’s a world unbecoming
Aug 19 · 66
The spaces within, spacial spaces
Of places that deface & remake us
Though each race—a different god,
What is man without life or being / loved.
What is nothing without our fear
The special midnights standing here
The light fills the eyes bright with love,
Wonderfully my dearest dear.
Lovely stars above...
Aug 19 · 31
Old Wives Tale
Drink half your glass / before walking out /
The door to your house /
Lets the spirits / know you’re home.
Aug 11 · 126
A Difficult Thing
One of few
words that has no other definition
but itself both
written and referenced
with many synonyms similar
a muse universal and familiar
adds shade for heated
hearts all quite
like a rose
it is it's own unique beauty,
long stemmed
Blood red
it is nothing but...

not Lust or Covet, for they are too brazen
and carnal with their hunger
unlike Love, which fills the need
steadily--in time, relieving the craving,
leaving contentment
then feeding others without requirement
of payment...

not Adoration or Crush
because they are still children
without the understanding
or capacity for self-sacrifice
which Love is familiar to
like years unconditional
this trust is a marriage between
naïve and wise...

not Passion or zealous Desire,
due to their one-sided tunnel vision
without compromise or sway,
almost indifferent to all else
but the prize at the end;
for Love has its eyes in everyday
at all times in your corner

not Like or Fondness, for they are weak
in emotional life,
half devoted and half way gone
waiting for the other
to finish a simple thought
indifference is not a line to cross;
because Love cares for both
itself and yours and all others
"love thy neighbor as thy brother"

love is willing to carry the weight
always keen to always wait
no matter how long
or how late...

It is so wonderfully loyal
Love is
at times often motivated
by a blindness for only it's devotion;
but true Love
does not worship
and sometimes must let go
to preserve its integrity,
for if it is real
it will return with more fuel for the fire
to light the warmth of our hearths

Love commits fully
even unto death, whether star-crossed
or over time's deepening breath,
it is defined by each
and all
it's own victory and story...
a difficult thing,
to fall in Love
and never fully understand
not a word refuse
Not one but Love

A difficult thing…
To know love is true by
How your heart breaks
Letting go
A most difficult thing...
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