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Jul 2016
Ever since I was young,
I wanted to grow up to be a cigarette
Because it was the only thing my father could never let go of.
Something he could always show off.
And Be proud of.

Ever since I was young
I wanted to grow up to be a cigarette
But I was nothing more than just your ash tray
How you would dump me on the floor
You swore I was nothing important to you ...

Wait now, ash
Sit back
Don't forget to breathe, if the smoke doesn't get to you first
And picture yourself sitting on the side of the street again
That day
You fell on your knees
And realized there was no one there to help you get back up.
With tears in your eyes, you saw a cloud of smoke arrive but it floated right passed you.
This desparate want that I had was just a feud
But phew!
I knew it was something I would eventually get through.
I guess, after all, you just really really wanted to be the cancer to my cigarette.
Ashley Singh
Written by
Ashley Singh
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