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Ashley Singh Jul 2016
Ever since I was young,
I wanted to grow up to be a cigarette
Because it was the only thing my father could never let go of.
Something he could always show off.
And Be proud of.

Ever since I was young
I wanted to grow up to be a cigarette
But I was nothing more than just your ash tray
How you would dump me on the floor
You swore I was nothing important to you ...

Wait now, ash
Sit back
Don't forget to breathe, if the smoke doesn't get to you first
And picture yourself sitting on the side of the street again
That day
You fell on your knees
And realized there was no one there to help you get back up.
With tears in your eyes, you saw a cloud of smoke arrive but it floated right passed you.
This desparate want that I had was just a feud
But phew!
I knew it was something I would eventually get through.
I guess, after all, you just really really wanted to be the cancer to my cigarette.
Ashley Singh Jul 2016
The night you asked me out for the first time,
I was so happy, I locked myself in my room and danced my heart away.
Now, let me just say:
I am NOT a dancer.
But for me, you were always the answer.
When I'd scroll through my contacts in need of someone to talk to
You were the only one who actually answered.
You were the Adam to my Belle
Until the beast in you showed
But... I could tell you had an acute schizophrenic episode
And even though it made you lash out in an aggressive way
We both knew it was only going to be another repetitive movement
And you still had to work on self-improvement
And I still cared about you!
Because of that one rainy day
You slipped and fell
You felt like you were going through hell but while everyone walked by you, I was the one who helped you get back on your feet.

Then I realized.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
It's learning to dance in the rain."
And with Florida's weather, that's a lesson you just have to learn because
The night you asked me out for the first time
I was so happy, I locked myself in my room and danced my heart away
Because I had given to you.
  May 2015 Ashley Singh
I've counted every firefly
Waiting for you
You have stars in your eyes
And stardust in your lungs
Your voice will drip with honey
My counting's just begun
Every day will be and adventure
I'll travel the world with you
We won't have to leave the bed
My world will be you
We'll compare scars
And swap the best stories
We won't care about accomplishments
We're each other's greatest glories
One hundred and eight
I'm getting lonely dear
One hundred and nine
I counted this firefly twice
One hundred and ten
The waiting will be worth it
One hundred and eleven
You'll be my only vice
One thousand and twenty-one
I don't think you're coming
One thousand and twenty-two
I lost count a long time ago,
I hope you're counting too.
  May 2015 Ashley Singh
As you search twice
For meanings
Cleverly stood
Hid in abstract
Paradoxical format
Ingeniously pushed

Between lines  
Of landscape analogies
Fictitiously portrayed
In anonymous
contagious ideologies

I'm sorry
For your losses
Of time and duress
Yet my incomplete thoughts
Can riddle even the best

Into a landscape
Of wild weeds and laughter
I waste away
In time torn pasture

Where timeless turns
To dusty grey
I push save poem
And slip away...
RE to 05-19
Traveler Tim
  May 2015 Ashley Singh
When you come to see me, dear,
Wear stars in your eyes
So I know you're true.
And when you speak to me
Keep honesty in your voice
So I believe in you.
When you come to see me, dear,
I'll wear my heart on my sleeve
So you know that I am true.
And when I speak to me
I'll have flowers on my tongue
Because I believe in you
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